Thursday, 19 May 2016

XBox Live Summer of Arcade 2009 Review

Remember when Summers used to be about having free time to play catch up with friends and family, maybe taking a vacation for a while and just enjoying the nice weather in general? Well Microsoft has been making it their duty to help you forget to do those things so you can stay in your room and play the 360 instead. When the new releases at retail are slowing to a crawl in wait for the big Fall releases, XBox Live Arcade fills in the gaps with their biggest and most anticipated titles of the year. With the 2008 campaign being such a huge success that featured hits such as Bionic Commando ReArmed, Braid and Castle Crashers, Microsoft planned an even bigger Summer of Arcade for 2009 to follow up with. Did the lineup match the greatness of last year's?

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016

Best and Worst of Mega Man Part 1: Mega Man

Well, we have a week until the release of the (hopefully) legendary Mega Man 9 so I thought I'd revisit the original NES games and come up with a best and worst list for each game. I will be covering the best and worst bosses, levels, weapons, and music. Bosses are judged solely on looks and fighting style. Levels will be judged on design and difficulty. Weapons will be rated on effectiveness and general coolness. And finally, music will be selected based on my subjectiveness.

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2012

Funny Webcomic #90

His grey is showing.

Thursday, 19 Jan 2012

Funny Webcomic #89

There's safety in your cubicle.

Thursday, 29 Dec 2011

Funny Webcomic #88

This weather is depressing.

Sunday, 11 Dec 2011

Game Hunt (12/11/11): Three Copies of NBA Live ’98.

It’s been another long layoff between articles, which might mean I’m losing some of my lust for the hunt. I’ve had some good finds in the last few months, including a couple of factory sealed gems, but I’ve also had some days where it just felt like a huge waste of time. The thrift stores seem to have dried up as of late, which has killed some of my motivation to go looking. Maybe it will only take another great find to get me back on track... In any case, here’s what I’ve compiled since late August. Find: NBA Live ‘98 x3 (SNES) Price / Condition: $3 each / varying condition Where at: Pawn Shop Why: In my efforts to track down ...

Monday, 26 Sep 2011

Funny Webcomic #87

That's fine.

Sunday, 14 Aug 2011

Game Hunt (08/14/11): Back From The Dead

Good-Evil Game Hunts are back from the dead! A long overdue greetings to all the game collecting addicts out there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I may have stopped writing up the tales of my exploits, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped hunting altogether. I know many of you haven’t either, with warm summer weather providing that extra nudge to climb out of your dark, musty game room and venture forth into the world of thrift stores, pawn shops, and maybe even garage sales (I still don’t bother with those much, though). Not having enough time to write has been the main reason for the hiatus, but last week, I had such a fortune-bedazzled day of hunting that I was compelled to tell the tale. It began on an unassuming Sunday morning, when I got the itch to make a run at the pawns. I picked up my cousin, and took a trip down a stretch of highway with a dense concentration of pawn shops, plus a few thrift stores and Half Price Books sprinkled in. This particular area has been good to me in the past, but on this fated day, I truly could not miss. I came away with armfuls of great deals at almost every stop, and even at the ones that didn’t yield tons of finds, I still found something worth buyting. I attribute this perfect luck to one of two things: the distinguished company of my cousin Andrew, who might have unknowingly lent a Midas touch to my hunts, or the Shizz Chiptune compilation CD, which blasted out of the car speakers as we made our way through the city. Let’s make like Scrooge McDuck, and dive into the loot!

Sunday, 31 Jul 2011

Funny Webcomic #1000

There was a concert we went to and it was fun.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Operation: CO-M.A.C.Z. #13 – At What Price Freedom?

Well, it's been awhile, but the lure of Free Comic Book Day compelled us to return. I think Free Comic Book Day is probably one of the smartest things the comic industry does, and it's a great chance to showcase some of your best comics and get new readers, lapsed readers, or young readers into viagra generic = generic cialis online = does cialis for daily use work immediately = viagra = buy generic viagra = canada online drug pharmacy = = a store and out with a bunch of comics for free. It put a smile on my face seeing the amount of kids running for a Spider-Man comic and able just to grab it and walk out with it and read it. So which comics were worth the time, and which ones just wasted it? Read on for Spider-Man, Cap/Thor, Locke & Key, Super Dinosaur, and more!