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XBox Live Summer of Arcade 2009 Review

Remember when Summers used to be about having free time to play catch up with friends and family, maybe taking a vacation for a while and just enjoying the nice weather in general? Well Microsoft has been making it their duty to help you forget to do those things so you can stay in your […]

Final Fantasy XIII: Second Thoughts

While Sherv covered Final Fantasy XIII in his earlier review, I thought I might chime in some other thoughts that I had, since I recently finished the game up myself. As you may recall, Sherv concluded that, though he liked the battle system, some of the character/enemy design, the marks, and the visuals, he felt […]

Hero's Saga: Laevatein Tactics
( DS ->Games ->Reviews )

Laevatein Tactics (LT) seemed like an good purchase. I was about to return to China and wanted to get a strategy RPG to occupy some of my best american essays time. After visiting the local game emporium I decided to get Hero’s Sage Laevatein Tactics. The cover features some armor clad warriors and some evil […]

Final Fantasy XIII

After recently beating the Final Fantasy XIII, I came away with some rather mixed emotions that I know won’t jibe with a lot of people who have also big sky canadian pharmacy played it. I thought it best to break it down into the Good and the Bad with handy bullet points: [ alternative doctor […]

Jeanne d’Arc
( Games ->PSP ->Reviews )

If you enjoy a good tactical RPG in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics then Jeanne d’Arc shouldn’t be passed up. While the graphics and gameplay won’t win any awards, the way the story intertwines actual events with fantasy is something to be experienced. History doesn’t often play a part in video games. There are […]

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

The RPG genre can grow old and tired quickly. Think back to all the RPGs you have ever played. How many of those games stand out as being overall spectacular? Refrain from including RPGs that lack imagination or failed to outshine their competition in anyway. I’m talking about the cream of the crop in terms […]

de Blob
( Games ->Reviews ->Wii )

It will be a likely be a great discussion in a few years as to what the Wii produced that wasn’t made by Nintendo that was truly worth your time. Because while the cliche with the last few Nintendo consoles has been “grab the Nintendo titles, don’t wade through the dreck around it”, there’s always […]

Grandia III

I wanted to like this game so much. The first two games in the series are two of my favorite RPGs, and I was glad just to see a third game in the series when this was released in 2006. However, after several months of playing this game off and on and trying to look […]

River City Ransom
( Games ->NES ->Reviews )

River City Ransom was one of the staple games of my youth. I used to rent it continually until I found it new for $15 in 1991. After that, it barely left my NES. My friend Drew and I would spend most of our gaming time playing this game (and Skate or Die), and I […]

God of War: Chains of Olympus
( Games ->PSP ->Reviews )

The PSP version of God of War (which you may remember from a certain Game Hunt earlier in November) is, without a doubt, a faithful rendition of the series. For those of you who played either of the original 2 games for PS2 (or the recent collection for PS3) and enjoyed it, picking this up […]

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