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By Good-Evil Contributor Thursday, 16 Apr 2009

Contributed by Jon Smokowicz.


Up until a few months ago Adam Carolla, former co-host of “The Man Show” and “LoveLine,” had been doing an early morning radio talk show on the west coast. As you may or may not know there is a recession going on in this country. Apparently, celebrities are not immune to its effects. Carolla was cut loose by his CBS affiliated radio station. However, due to his contract Carolla is getting paid through 2009 even though he no longer has the gig. At some point, he decided that he enjoyed doing his radio talk show so much, and since he was still being paid to do it he might as well continue on with it rather than try to find a new job. (Also, he may be contractually unable to work elsewhere while being paid by CBS.) Thus began The Adam Carolla Podcast at

Working second shift I often find myself trying to fill free time during the afternoons. There is nothing on television during the afternoon unless you’re a fan of bickering menopausal women or hotties with amnesia. In my need to kill time I turned to the internet. became a friend airing the few new shows that I actually find enjoyable, but I found out they’re an alien conspiracy trying to liquefy my brains for nourishment. Then, at some point I stumbled upon Carolla’s podcast. I am thoroughly pleased to have done so.

Carolla has an ability to bring levity to any discussion. That is why he was able to sit alongside Dr. Drew and make fun of people calling in with questions about their sexual repression and venereal disease. Now, he sits alongside a random guest several times a week discussing everything from the existence of a higher power to how to properly set up a room for masturbation (as he dubbed it: spunk shui). The guests can be notable, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth McFarlane, middling, Bobcat Goldthwaite, or unknown, Wendell Middlebrooks (the overweight black spokesman for Miller High Life).

He runs the show himself on his own dime (at approximately $6,000 a month a he often gripes) so he has no sponsors he needs to seek approval from and is no way regulated by the FCC. These people discuss whatever they want, however they want which leads to ultimate hilarity. They are not worried about some nationwide backlash because they made one off-color comment during The Tonight Show. It is approximately an hour of off-color comments on a little known audio stream on the internet. That is what I truly love about it. These people are saying things that you are not likely to hear on any major medium aside from Stern (with less vulgarity), but the greatest benefit is this is completely free.

Admittedly, not every broadcast is gold. The sound quality isn’t great. These are unscripted conversations so they may lag, but when they get on a roll the podcast can be funnier than all get out. Ultimately, it tends to come down to who the guest is. It’s a mix of talk show and stand-up comedy. They have interesting takes on show business, but for the most part they discuss issues that anyone can relate to and you find yourself saying, “Gee, that’s true.” Some Carolla podcasts have proven to me that I have never had a really funny conversation the way that looking at a Victoria’s Secret catalogue reminds me I have never bedded a really sexy woman.

It is also very informative. I constantly find myself bringing up tidbits of information that I’ve learned from these broadcasts in my conversations. Aside from learning how to set up a room for maximum masturbatory results, I’ve learned Seth McFarlane barely missed a flight that hit one of the towers on 9/11. This in no way makes him feel special because he has a tendency to miss flights. Bowling lanes are not made of wood but a synthetic polymer so that there is no grain to affect the spin of your ball. Charles “Tex” Watson, murderer and Manson family member, has, since being imprisoned in 1971, been married and fathered four children through conjugal visits.. These are the sort of interesting factual nuggets I am now able to divulge regularly.

One other aspect of Carolla’s podcasts that fascinates me is his ability to create in depth synopses of potentially hilarious films, including casting and marketing materials, off the cuff. For instance, Pedoph-isle, where in the future pedophiles, deemed unworthy of living in society, are sentenced to inhabit an island all their own without common knowledge of the population at large. All goes well, until a plane full of boy scouts going away on a retreat crash lands on that very island, killing the pilots and chaperones, of course.. The crash brings the hungry pedophiles looking and the boy scouts, lead by Shia Labeouf, must rely on more than just their nature guides for survival. There will be one pedophile on the island who has been wrongly convicted.. He will attempt to protect the children while not giving himself up to the other pedophiles; shades of Con-Air. Nick Cage could even play the part. How could he turn down such a plum role? And how could you not pay the price of admission for this film?

If any of this seems amusing/interesting to you check out It is updated very often. Obviously, it is not for everyone, but I think those who dig it will dig it hard. It’s mostly just a time killer, but you can put it on your i-pod and check it out on the go. Then you can awkwardly laugh out loud in public places. It’s podcastic!

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  1. jer Says:

    Listening now. This should help kill some time at work.

  2. Sherv Says:

    Colin and I listened to this on our way back from skiing. I dig it, Adam Carolla can be a dick sometimes, but I used to listen to him regularly on Loveline, back in 97-98 so it’s not a surprise or anything. The episode we listened to was him being all surprised about the popularity of his own damn podcast and he went off on some weirdass tangent (surprise!). I recommend it tho, I ought to snag em all before my trip!

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