First Impressions: Dementium, UMK, and Neves
By Sherv Wednesday, 14 Nov 2007


I have been excited by the production and release of this first person shooter/survival horror game for the DS for quite a while now. Resident Evil Deadly Shadows proved to me that the handheld medium can still provide jump scares and an uneasy atmosphere so I anticipated Dementium to further explore and build on this. So far, about half an hour in, while it hasn’t been disappointing, I haven’t been enamored by it either.

The game is set up and logged by a chapter system and the first 3 chapters are easily traversed in 20 or so minutes; we you can save at any time when quitting the game, should you die you start the chapter over. The game play is typical run and gun, with weapons like a pistol, baton and shotgun at your disposal. So far the bestiary ranges from zombies with giant maws in their chests to these overgrown leeches which make a rather disconcerting “cry” to the latest monster I’ve encountered, decapitated shrieking heads which launch themselves at you from across the room (similar to the same heads encountered in Prince Of Persia 2). For the most part it seems that you have to kill everything you come across; hand-to-hand combat is difficult to emerge from unscathed but the ranged weapons have plenty of ammo lying around and I’ve been using them liberally to no ill effect.

The environment is rather repetitive and I don’t believe you leave the hospital setting but the execution of the game mechanics is quite well done and I anticipate a few choice boss battles to come. Dementium is no psychological horror thrillfest nor is it a Dead Alive bloodbath, but it does provide some solid entertainment that is easily digestable in small spurts of time.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

As a youngin I always prefered the kartoonish graphiks and smoother play kontrol of Street Fighter 2 over that of Mortal Kombat but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to enjoying the upperkut-fests and gory finishes from time to time. UMK3 has just kome out for the DS and I must say it translates to the small skreens quite well! By default the aktion is on the bottom skreen while moves and fatalities/babalities/friendships are on the top. A handy reference for sure, I found the exekution of moves and abilities to be quite easy with the DS kontrols. Inkluded in the game are lokal WIFI & online fighting as well as Puzzle Kombat but I have not tried any of these options yet. Grab this if you’re Kombat Krazy or even a just a kasual fan.


This is a fun little time-waster if you like tangram puzzles ( I haven’t attempted these kinds of puzzles since the fifth grade but I’ve played and solved about 15 of the “first floor” puzzles and it’s been entertaining. Control is what you’d expect, with dragging and dropping pieces on the silhouette of a very angular rabbit, person, flower, and so on. Music is jazzy and low key and the presentation is very straightforward. I don’t expect much more content to come out of this title, just as one wouldn’t expect anything else from a Sudoku game save for lots of 3×3 boxes and numbers, so I imagine this is only for the hardcore tangram addicts out there or if you really need a quick puzzle to play while on the crapper.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    i think dementium is probably going to be my next purchase.

    game looks fun and original.

    UMK…ehhh. at least puzzle kombat is fun.

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