Best and Worst of Mega Man Part 1: Mega Man
By Andrew Raub Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016

Well, we have a week until the release of the (hopefully) legendary Mega Man 9 so I thought I’d revisit the original NES games and come up with a best and worst list for each game. I will be covering the best and worst bosses, levels, weapons, and music. Bosses are judged solely on looks and fighting style. Levels will be judged on design and difficulty. Weapons will be rated on effectiveness and general coolness. And finally, music will be selected based on my subjectiveness. So lets start with the original, Mega Man. This game was the start of what would become multiple story lines and countless games, but it had some rough edges. The Bosses Best: Cutman Look at those giant blades on his head! He’s menacing! In this game, rock beats scissor, but Cutman won’t go down without a fight. Each of the bosses in this game present some pretty menacing powers, but those blades create a fear simply from their physical dominance on Cutman’s body. Worst: Iceman First off, there’s already an Iceman who is a super hero and is way more badass. Second, Iceman looks spy camera from mobile phone like an Eskimo primate version phone spy of Kenny from Southpark (okay, not fair, Southpark was almost a decade later). All it takes is a little electricity to melt this snow man, and his ice slasher weapon is pretty tame. The Levels Best: Iceman Oh yes. This level is aggravating. So aggravating that it practically ruins the game for most people. It’s icy, it’s slippery, it’s got annoying disappearing blocks. But what I really like about this level are the frozen palm trees. It makes me think that Iceman didn’t just go to the arctic (or antarctic) and make himself a nice home. No, he went to some tropical paradise and said “He guys, I’m gonna ruin the party personal essay for you now.” Worst: Elecman Ugh, Iceman’s level is annoying, but at least it’s designed well. Elecman’s level is just long and annoying. It’s pretty drab too, and the colors of the interior areas make me want to puke. There’s lots of ladder climbing in this stage, and lots of waiting around for electricity beams to shut off. Easy, but takes too long. The Weapons Best: Thunder Beam (Elecman) Not only is this weapon strong against you, it’s strong against enemies. In Emperor Palpatine fashion, Mega Man and Elecman can shoot lightning from their finger tips using this weapon. As a bonus, there’s a nice little exploit with this weapon that makes it even better… Worst: Super Arm (Gutsman) This is one free phone calls spy of those weapons that’s good for finding things in levels, but is fairly useless elsewhere. It requires boulders to use, so it can only be used it certain situations. Even in Cutsman’s lair there are only two boulders, so if you screw up you wasted your precious chance to take down the most menacing Mega Man boss.

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