Eastern State Penitentiary – Terror Behind the Walls
By Chris Derosa Wednesday, 29 Oct 2008

Eastern State is a historic prison which is possibly most known for housing Al Capone for a brief while. It was abandoned back in the 1970s and is now believed to be haunted. You may have seen it on television, as it’s been featured on The Travel Channel’s “Most Haunted Locations” and MTVs now canceled show “Fear”, along with some History Channel specials. ESP now functions mostly as a tourist attraction during the day, but around this time of the year it doubles as a haunted house at night. I decided to check this event out with some friends, as it

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had been a while since I’ve done any haunted attraction. So after grabbing the first unsold tickets I could find through Ticketmaster, I was on buy viagra my way to hopefully have a spooky good time. I arrived viagra vs cialis vs levitra comparison a little before 9:30 to get the ticket at will call. It’s a lot faster than waiting in line at the ticket booth, trust me. The lines were huge, but separated by every half hour, and if you got a ticket for an earlier time then you could walk up front to get in, which was pretty sweet. I guess if anything it’s better to show up slightly later rather than super early, because there’s another line after the outside entrance line to get in. There were tons of workers all dressed up as zombie security guards with scabs on their faces. Every now and then they would sneak up on someone, because people never watch their backs. There were also a couple special costumed workers including a zombie surgeon, wearing the surgeon’s mask and all, who happened to be the creepiest one there. He’s seriously good, as he had people screaming and staying far away from him the whole time in line. After getting through the second line (which didn’t seem so bad after a while), the real fun started. I have to mention how cool this building is. It’s been preserved very well over time, and it was awe inspiring at first just to get a look at the outside walls while in line. There’s a lot of history built up in this place, and it’s been well respected. So I’m not going to try and spoil much with the actual “terror behind the walls”. I wasn’t scared at all, and I’m not saying that to sound buy cialis all macho or whatever. It just never happened. With that said I did jump once, due to something unexpected happening. It actually would end up happening a couple more times, except after the first time it got a bit predictable. Anyway the lack of scares could be contributed to a couple of factors. For one, there’s the element of traveling in groups. If you bring a lot of people to go with you, the workers will do a good job of splitting everyone up into smaller groups. I was in a group of four. Unfortunately, if you’re a fast walker you’ll be able to catch up to the slower and easier to scare folks. It slowly becomes a trial of seeing what just happened to the group in front, and this happened a decent amount. There are different sections of the penitentiary where they stop your group and wait for the ones in front to get farther ahead, but we still found ourselves catching up over time. Also I was in the far back of our group because no one else wanted to be there, and it was actually the safest place to be in my mind. And seriously, watch your back at all times. You see that someone may have jumped out already, but don’t just walk by and assume they’re waiting for someone else to walk up to them. They’ll follow you. As far as the scenery goes, there were some good rooms to walk through and levitra effectiveness time around. You do get to go upstairs for a brief moment and see the real prison cells, but of course those are blocked off. The acting was pretty good on average, and one of the mental patients that came out of the wall looked like Wolf from American Gladiators. Maybe it was him, after all?. There’s a good amount of themed rooms and all, but my favorite was probably the part that had no place being there. You receive some 3d glasses before this area, and when you walk in, you see a bright and colorful corridor full of 3d art spanning the walls. It’s a lot to take in, for sure, but you still have to pay close attention to the walls, as sure enough things will start jumping out of it. It’s a very cool area, and probably my favorite part of the whole tour. There’s also a well done long and dark hallway that I don’t want to spoil, but I can say that the usage of smoke and strobe lights made it one of the creepiest parts by far. There was also a section where you’re given little flashlights to help guide your way through an extremely dark couple of rooms. It’s a good idea, but it ended up disappointing instead of exciting. I myself wasn’t too startled by the experience, but I can say that the friends I came with were a bit scared. Other visitors I noticed were extremely terrified, but they were either super young buy levitra online or a bit older. In fact one older woman passed out and was on the ground by the exit, surrounded by

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paramedics. She turned out to be OK. Just super spooked, I guess. I forgot to mention that when you’re in line they make you sign a quick one page waiver that pretty much takes the blame off of them when you get a heart attack. Well it’s not worded like that at all, but there is a wavier, so make sure you read it before you sign. There was also a museum portion of the prison that was free for that night (no idea if it’s like that on other nights). It’s a small section but it has some extra info on the design and history, which was cool. We all agreed that a daytime tour of the place would be awesome to check out, so maybe I’ll do that some day. I wish I would have seen more of the actual prison but oh well. So to sum up how I felt when it was all said and done, I’m glad I went. If you guys are thinking about maybe going, I would recommend it. I believe it’s ending soon, possibly through November and that’s it. If you don’t scare easily, you can still appreciate the work they put into trying and the penitentiary is cool enough to see up close. Just don’t forget to reserve the tickets online and early, as this week will easily be the busiest time to go. Location: A+ Settings: B- Actors: B Scares: C+ Value/Entertainment: B+ Final score: B It’s worth checking out at least once. Have a good Halloween, everybody!

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    i went to this last year and wasn’t terribly impressed. i thought the actual place was great, but that it really compensated for a lackluster show. during the time i went, they were herding people through like cattle, and every group was about 20 feet ahead of the next one. in other words, i knew everything was coming before it happened. also, my wait was easily an hour for the thing, which is bordering not being worth it for me. however, if you have someone who enjoy haunted type attractions this time of year, it’s a worthwhile thing to hit up at least once, even if the price is a little salty.

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