Flashback: Ace Attorney Games
By Zach Patterson Thursday, 30 Apr 2009

After finishing up Apollo Justice earlier this week, I figured a synopsis of the Ace Attorney series was in order. Luckily, between Sherv and myself, we have covered all of them here on Good-Evil. Without further ado…

“Phoenix Wright represents what essentially was a large gamble for Capcom in the current video game industry. Phoenix Wright is a bit of a throwback adventure game that you do not see much of anymore. It is the type of game that is usually left to Japan and the US is left oblivious to its existence. However, for whatever reason, Capcom brought the text heavy adventure-lawyer game to the States and we are all the better for it.”

“Overall PW:JFA is a very well done game and I would highly recommend it to fans of the series.

My minor gripes can easily be overlooked in appreciation for the game as a whole and players who trek through and successfully complete it are rewarded with hilarious dialogue and some touching moments. It’s a shame that DS-specific elements didn’t make their way into the game as they did in the 5th case from PW:AA but that’s hardly a damaging blow to the game.”

“Overall, there’s nothing terribly wrong with the third game. It’s just very safe and does little to advance the series. But there are some signs that the game needs changes, since it still does not use the touch screen in any meaningful way, the artwork is still all the same, too many characters keep recurring, etc… I would say if you really like the first two games, go ahead and get this. It won’t blow you away or anything, but it will finish off the Phoenix Wright and Fey family saga, and it’s more of the same type of gameplay that made the original so beloved. Me personally, I’m just getting a little tired of it.”

“Harvey Birdman is one of those games that’s essentially made for a cult audience. I mean, it’s an Adult Swim game based on a 15 minute cartoon where an old, obscure 1960’s Hannah Barbara character is modernized as a current day lawyer and injected with rapid-fire, absurdist humor that connects with some and misses with others. And making a game out of it that really is just an easy, strange, hacked together Phoenix Wright game kind of limits its appeal. Luckily, I like Harvey Birdman and Phoenix Wright. I fit the mold here! Woo!”

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