Flashback: Fallout 1 and 2
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 19 Nov 2008

With Chuck’s review of Fallout 3 yesterday, it makes sense to go

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back and look at the first two games of the series. Luckily, Chuck has provided us with reviews of them over 4 years ago! I’ve dug them out of their archived grave, dusted them off, and reposted them for your perusal.

“Fallout is the complete gaming experience. A fantastic story, nice visuals, fun, engaging combat, easy controls, great replay value, and tons of customization make Fallout one of the best games I have ever played. If you like Diablo or RPGs in general, Fallout will blow

your mind.”

“Fallout 2 is a worthy sequel to one of the best PC games ever made. It takes everything

that made the original great and duplicates the formula. The graphics are the same, the sound is the same, the gameplay is the same, and the story is similar to the first. Those played the first game know this isn’t a bad thing.”

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  1. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    I forgot I reviewed them. Thanks Zach! I know you can buy these on one disc for about $20. A great investment even though they removed the children so you can’t kill them.

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