Flashback: God of War Games
By Zach Patterson Saturday, 5 Dec 2009

After reviewing Chains of Olympus on Friday, I realized that we had covered most of the God of War series here on Good-Evil between Chuck, myself, and Chris. I pulled the old God of War review from Chuck from our old site, and added Chris’ review from a few years ago. Without further ado….

“Ancient Greece was a fun place. People walked around half naked. The beautiful Mediterranean climate offered nice temperatures. Greek mathematicians, philosophers, writers, and artists were and still are some of the best the world has ever seen. And Gods often waged war on Earth to gain (or take) power form the other Olympian deities. Okay maybe that last on didn’t happen but after playing God of War, it is fun to think that it did. This game is simply amazing. Everything is over the top, dramatic, and kick ass. My mind is racing with wonderful things to say so I’ll begin with the graphics.”

“Sony’s flagship franchise, God of War, certainly has had its fair share of critical success, and rightfully so. The original best seller offered a fresh new angle on the action adventure genre with top notch storytelling and fluid game play. With God of War 2, Sony Computer Entertainment of America manages to take a great concept and improve on it in almost every facet, to the point of near perfection. And as the Playstation 2 console reaches the end of its life cycle, it goes out with a certain bang that other past systems could only dream of.”

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