Flashback: Katamari Games
By Zach Patterson Thursday, 27 Nov 2008

Since I finally got a review up of the portable Katamari game, I thought it might be appropriate to go back and take a look at Good-Evil’s old reviews of the first two games. Courtesy of yours truly, here are Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari for the PS2. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Katamari Damacy

“Overall, this game is just fantastic. It isn’t particularly long, but it is full of challenge and replay value. And once you beat it, you will want to go back and get better percentages on the levels and just to simply play it again. It isn’t perfect (the camera at times obscures your view, but

nothing really bad) and the idea definitely need to expand further in the sequel. But for the cheap price, you cannot buy a better game on the Playstation 2 right now.”

We Love Katamari

“I am a devoted fan to this game, and I can honestly say that if you liked the first game, that this should be in your collection. It may not still have that initial innovative WTF that the original had, but it is incredibly fun for people of all ages, and guaranteed to make you smile at some point as you mercilessly roll people, cars, houses, and eventually the entire universe into your lonely rolling star.”

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