Flashback: Metroid Series
By Zach Patterson Monday, 3 Aug 2009

With the release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy coming up for Wii on August 24th, I thought it might be a good time to unearth our old reviews of the Metroid series from our old site that had not come over to the WordPress site and take a run down memory lane with the series. These reviews span from the very beginning of our site, with Metroid Fusion being the first game to get a Classic rating on the site, to more recently, when I reviewed Prime 2 in 2007. I’ll also add some impressions of the games this review retrospective does not cover.

Metroid (NES)

Honestly I was never a big fan of the original Metroid, and even to this day, I don’t care to play it all that long. However, I recognize that this game was extremely influential in the nonlinear game design of the later games, and it still forms a creepy, unsettling atmosphere similar to a film like Alien. Additionally, the music in Metroid is still amazing, mixing ambience and melody to form one of the best soundtracks on the NES.

“This is a solid game. It packs story, challenge, and exploration all into one package […] A lot of people really hate this game for some legitimate reasons, but with a a little help from a guide, this game is not only beatable, but also quite fun. I can see them maybe updating it […] in the near future, and maybe then it will get its proper due from Metroid fans. As it is now, however, it still remains one of my better Game Boy games and holds up well today.”

“The most important thing is that this Metroid is just really fun. It provides a nice-sized quest, a good story, and some very memorable scenes. I recommend it to any fan of the Metroid series or side-scrolling games in general. It is one of the SNES’ best, and it’s worth the price it takes to get it.”

“One of my few complaints is that the game is extremely short and has little replay value once you beat it. It is incredible while it lasts, but after that, you are just like, wow, ok, now its over. The game is also very easy for the most part, with only one or two bosses giving me any trouble. But really, these are a small price to pay for one of the best games for the system.”

“I had a blast playing through it, so much so that I beat it in two sittings. The main problem is that the gameplay is so tight and it is really fun, but it ends way before you want it to. It’s a good game that has been built on an excellent engine. Hopefully this won’t be the last 2D Metroid adventure we see.”

“Metroid Prime turned out to be one of the best games for the GameCube, and rightfully so. It can be a bit difficult at times, especially the bosses, but it isn’t because of annoying controls or cheap enemies. Metroid Prime will require some skill, but it isn’t so hard that it will push you away. Nintendo should be shaking their asses in the faces of all the naysayers who thought Prime would be terrible.”

Second Opinion – “I have to say that this may be one of the best games I have ever played.”

“Regardless of some small quibbles, I really enjoyed re-entering the Prime universe for a second time. Everything was familiar and yet new at the same time. It’s more puzzles, action, and slightly-but-kinda non-linear gameplay that most fans have come to expect. There’s even a fun multiplayer mode that, while not incredibly deep, is fun to dive into once in awhile with a few friends. There’s plenty to explore and unlock in the main game as well, and there is an excellent story that really makes this another must-have game for the Gamecube.”

“I cannot help but wish a few more upgrades could have made the game. A new suit, new beam, anything would have been nice. It was a rather nice surprise to have the power bomb, missiles, bombs, and the new force ball, but this really is an excellent concept that seems like it could have been perfect with a little more development time. As it is, though, the game is fiercely addictive and for pinball enthusiasts, or Metroid fans, it is bound to be a joy to play.”

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)

There would be a review of this already had my Wii not bricked a year ago and taken my save of Corruption with it. However, Corruption is perhaps the most ambitious game of the series, with more cinematics, more story, more set piece battles, and more environmental interactions. Being a lefty, I never got completely comfortable with the motion controls (though it’s pretty easy to acknowledge that they are well implemented), and at the point I stopped, the game seemed a bit on the easy side. The game seems a little unmetroidy at times with the focus on story instead of exploration, but it eventually finds its groove like the Prime games before them. Definitely worth it if you liked the other Prime games.

3 Responses to “Flashback: Metroid Series”

  1. Mike Callahan Says:

    Super Metroid is a freakin’ fantastic game. I really need to go back and start from scratch and play it again, preferably with a high quality sound system, a good beer and in a nice, dark, cool and comfortable room to capture all of that awesome atmosphere.

    Definitely one of the most “complete package” games out there.

  2. Sherv Says:

    Very nicely written, dude! Is it bad that when I yearn for any of these, instead of playing them, I watch a speedrun instead?

  3. Sherv Says:

    (and by “nicely written”, I meant nicely assembled, I dig the Flashback idea!)

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