Flashback: Transformers
By Zach Patterson Sunday, 28 Jun 2009

Earlier this week, Chuck gave us his impressions of the new Transformers film, and that was a fine time to review what Good-Evil had previously said about other related Transformers media.

“The movie certainly isn’t perfect, and has some definite flaws that could have been fixed with a better, tighter script. On the other hand, they pulled off a Transformers movie and it wasn’t a disaster. Amazing. The robots all look good and have certain touches people will remember from the cartoons while being completely new, alien-looking beings. The human parts are serviceable, if mostly lackluster, and the effects impress by feeling realistic and not completely fake. Worth seeing.”

“This is probably my favorite cartoon movie of all time. Growing up, I loved watching the Transformers on TV and the movie takes it to a whole new level. Everything that is great about the show is magnified in the movie…Any Transformer fan is going to love it.”

“This is a great soundtrack. It was composed by Vince DiCola, the man who did the soundtrack for Rocky IV. He was heavily influenced by keyboard players and progressive rock bands of the seventies. Because of this, Vince loves to work with synthesizers, rock bands, and orchestral bands. All three styles are present in The Transformers soundtrack…For fans of Stan Bush, the Rocky IV soundtrack, or eighties metal, this album would make a great addition to your collection.

Speaking of Stan Bush, here’s a few more related links:

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