Funny Webcomic #12
By Nick Woodside Wednesday, 5 Mar 2008

So offended
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  1. Mike Callahan Says:

    If the decal was not intended for her, then just who was it for?

    Why has the bearded man dragged his desk from the mainframe room out into the parking garage? Has he been demoted from a mid-level tech-scrub to a lowly security guard outsourced by the parent company?

    The woman shifts location at the end of the strip, locating her near some revolving doors. This could indicate that her thoughts are troubled and whirling after her meeting with a potentially compatable mate (the bearded man) who showed her not only his sense of empathy, but also his ability to defuse a volatile situation that could’ve lead to parking-garage-rage.

    This strip could be seen as the comic’s shift from rote commedia dell’arte into domestic drama.

  2. Nick Woodside Says:

    One time I pinched my dickhead in my zipper. It hurt.

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    this woman is gonna be trouble. i can smell it.

  4. Nick Woodside Says:

    Actually I think what you smell is the corned beef she keeps tucked behind her ears. An elegant musk.

  5. Andrew Raub Says:

    Damn, I want a reuben sandwich.

  6. Brian Hohman Says:

    “this woman is gonna be trouble. i can smell it”

    I totally agree man, I would check her out, I bet she is a Human Resources mole!

  7. Nick Woodside Says:

    The reuben is the height of sandwich making technology. A perfect reuben is a goddamned work of art. Delicious art.

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