Funny Webcomic #07
By Nick Woodside Wednesday, 20 Feb 2008

much is revealed in this webcomic.
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7 Responses to “Funny Webcomic #07”

  1. Chris Derosa Says:


  2. jer Says:


  3. Ashley Says:

    i know the secret question!!!!

  4. Brian Hohman Says:

    So do I…..”Who is the most boring President of the United States of America EVER! ?” (sorry for flaging this sight under the homeland security’s watched websites….but hey we need the viewers!)

  5. Mike Callahan Says:

    Why are they hanging out in the mainframe room?

  6. Zach Patterson Says:

    the better question is “why did he drag that white desk in there with them?”

  7. Brian Hohman Says:

    He was bad, that is the time out area.

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