Game Hunt (02/15/10): Kim Possible, GBC Lot, & A Flock of Wavebirds
By Eric Kennedy Monday, 15 Feb 2010

Happy President’s Day, fellow hunters! As I write this, with some of the best sales of the year looming on the horizon, I reflect on how game collecting has transformed what used to be a “who cares” holiday into a day that I look forward to months in advance. As with last year, I’m taking the day off to conduct a hunt spanning multiple cities, that will take me at least half the day. Sadly, Value Village has chosen to spoil things for me a bit by limiting their “half off” sale to strictly clothing this time around. Disappointing! Be that as it may, Goodwill is still offering the same great deals on most of their tags (99 cents on red, 40 percent off pink, blue, and green) and I plan to visit every store within a 25 mile radius. Here’s hoping for some good luck (Stadium Events cart, maybe? Ok, that’s asking a lot from the gaming gods). In the meantime, I’ve got some great finds to share with you guys, with probably the most varied offering I’ve put forth so far. Read on to find out what highly-coveted controller I was able to find brand-new, and what Disney kids’ cartoon actually translates into a decent beat-em’up platformer…

Find: Kim Possible: What’s the Switch? (PS2)

Price / Condition: $3 / Complete; Excellent condition.

Where at: Pawn X-Change

Why: Alright, go ahead and get your snickering out of the way. It’s alright; I won’t take it personally. You finished? Now hear me out. I recently stumbled across this article ( on underappreciated Playstation 2 games. It caught my eye, because there’s always a ton of cheap PS2 games to dig through at most game stores. Kim Possible made the list for being a decent 2D beat-em’up (think Viewtiful Joe, with less moves) that usually can be had for very cheap. Since it was only three bucks, I went off the writers advice and got it. It’s not amazing, but it will surprise you in just how polished it is.

Deal or Not a Deal? Don’t pay any more than what I paid for this (unless you’re a die-hard Kim Possible fan), but at that price it’s a good game to add to your PS2 collection.

Find: Roll Away (PS1)

Price / Condition: $4 / Complete; Stickers on case.

Where at: St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

Why: I’d never heard of this game, which piqued my interest a bit, but not enough to spend money on it. Luckily, I had a friend with me who had web-browsing on his phone. He checked Digital Press, and gleaned that it’s a somewhat hard-to-find Psygnosis game that comes highly recommended by the DP editors. A quick glance at the back of the case was all I needed to seal the deal, as it resembled games like Monkey Ball and Marble Madness. It’s a little bit in-between those two, and definitely worth your time.

Deal or Not a Deal? For fans of action-puzzle games, this is a steal!

Find: Wonder Boy in Monster World (GEN)

Price / Condition: $3 / Clean cart, good label.

Where at: Value Village

Why: I don’t love the Wonder Boy series, but I’ll give it some props for it’s style. The one I have for the Master System is a little slow and unwieldy, but I can see a good concept lying underneath. I picked this up in the hopes that the Genesis version is a little more smooth and polished. From what I’ve played so far, it may well be. The jury is still out.

Deal or Not a Deal? $3 is reasonable, but I would’ve liked to get the case and manual too.

Find: Rock Em Sock Em Robots Arena (PS1)

Price / Condition: $6 / Brand new!

Where at: Half Price Books

Why: I’m a sucker for anything that’s still factory-sealed, and even though this is probably a mediocre fighting game, I couldn’t pass it up. The fact that Mattel published it doesn’t exactly give me confidence, but then again it could be a surprisingly entertaining smashfest. The screen shots on the back look good, for what that’s worth. We’ll see.

Deal or Not a Deal? I’d say that any time you can get a sealed game for under ten bucks, it’s a deal. Unless it’s a sports game/Olsen twins game.

Find: Tetris (DOS)

Price / Condition: $2 / Brand new!

Where at: Value Village

Why: When I first saw this, I didn’t even notice it was still shrink-wrapped (Value Village sells most of their games in little plastic baggies, so it was hard to tell). I was still excited to purchase it based solely on the fact that it was a complete-in-box PC game. Vintage versions of Tetris have gotta be worth something, I figured. Turns out I was right, as I was able to flip it on the bay for $35. It would’ve been nice to hold onto it, but it’s probably not as good as the Game Boy version anyway.

Deal or Not a Deal? As evidenced by my quick profit, definitely a deal!

Find: Asciipad Turbo Controller (SNES)

Price / Condition: $1 / Clean; buttons are responsive.

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Why: This is my personal favorite SNES pad, so even though I already had two, I couldn’t pass up another at a such a low price. My reasoning is that eventually the controller might die, and having a back-up eliminates the need to repair it, or search for another. This actually worked out well for me, because shortly thereafter I discovered that they fetch a decent price ($10-$20) on eBay.

Deal or Not a Deal? Excellent deal. I highly recommend this controller to anybody who owns a SNES.

Find: Ascii Fighter Stick SN (SNES)

Price / Condition: $5 / Needed some cleaning; buttons are responsive.

Where at: Goodwill

Why: Hey, another Asciiware product! Fanboy that I am, I scooped this up without a second thought. Turns out a second thought might’ve been in order, because I failed to notice the wacky button arrangement. LXR, YBA?! Who does that?! Oh well; it’s still a neat addition to my Asciiware collection. One can always rearrange button configs.

Deal or Not a Deal? Well, it’s a better deal than the much bigger and crappier Super Advantage, and five bucks isn’t too much to ask. A decent deal despite the silly button layout.

Find: Wolverine (NES)

Price / Condition: $2 / Clean cart, good label.

Where at: Pawn X-Change

Why: Like most kids, I always thought Wolverine was the coolest X-Man. I also have a mild fascination with the real life animal, so grabbing this game on the cheap was an easy decision for me. It’s not a fantastic platformer, but it’s passable, with an awesome Follin soundtrack.

Deal or Not a Deal? This is about what you should pay for a loose copy. I’m happy with it.

Find: Street Fighter Cammy Action Figure

Price / Condition: $1 / In original packaging, but a little beat-up.

Where at: Goodwill

Why: Cammy is hott. Case closed.

Deal or Not a Deal? Even though the packaging isn’t in perfect condition, a dollar for anything brand-new is a steal. Thank God for the red-tag sale that day!

Find: How to Win at Nintendo Games #2 & #3

Price / Condition: $1 each / Good; no ripped pages.

Where at: Half Price Books

Why: Hooray! More hilarious Jeff Rovin books for my collection! Some samples of his ability to wax poetic about NES games: under “game type” for Ghostbusters, he writes: “driving and shooting game (though not at the same time)”. Blaster Master is classified as a “seek-and-destroy quest”. I love this guy.

Deal or Not a Deal? Two bucks doesn’t normally provide this much amusement. Whatta deal!

Find: Best of 3D Action Games (DOS)

Price / Condition: $2 / Near mint disc

Where at: Value Village

Why: These CD-ROM collection are a dime a

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dozen, but I like to glance at them from time to time to see what’s included. This one actually surprised me with such classics as Blake Stone, Jazz Jackrabbit, Raptor, and Rise of the Triad. It has 16 games in all, and I can’t wait to boot up my 486 and have a blast from the past!

Deal or Not a Deal? Not very valuable at all, but a solid nostalgic purchase on the cheap.

Find: Bombastic (PS2)

Price / Condition: $5 / Complete; Excellent condition manual and disc.

Where at: Play N Trade

Why: This is the sequel to Devil Dice, a PS1 action-puzzle game that I absolutely adore. Picking this up was mandatory for me, especially since it supports up to 5 players. Seriously, anybody who hasn’t tried Devil Dice yet should track down a copy of either game. I guarantee satisfaction!

Deal or Not a Deal? A great game, a great deal!

Find: No Escape (SNES)

Price / Condition: $8 / Complete; Box is mostly undamaged, contents inside look great!

Where at: Half Price Books

Why: As you might be able to guess from the quality of the movie itself, this game isn’t very good. However, it is one of the rarer SNES games, with the box and the manual being especially hard to come by. I picked it up purely because I might not see another one again, and it might hold some value to people trying to complete a CIB SNES collection.

Deal or Not a Deal? Hard to say on this one, as there’s not really a lot of supply or demand on eBay. Based on rarity? A good deal. Based on gameplay? I wasted eight dollars.

Find: Awesome Possum (GEN)

Price / Condition: $3 / Cart defaced by the evil rental store stickers.

Where at: Play N Trade

Why: Well I thought this would turn out to be a silly, good-time platformer for the Genesis, but oh how wrong I was! The best part is the title screen, where sampled voices proudly sing that Awesome Possum “kicks lord Machino’s butt”. I got a good laugh out of that, but the actual game play is no laughing matter. Lack of cool things to do, terrible animation and frame-rate, and uninspired levels and music. BLAH.

Deal or Not a Deal? I wasted my money, but at least now the rest of you know: STAY AWAY!

Find: Crue Ball (GEN)

Price / Condition: $3 / Clean cart and label.

Where at: Play N Trade

Why: Here’s another game that I expected to get a cheap laugh out of, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s actually fun to play. My pinball aficionado friend tells me that the physics aren’t up to snuff, but maybe that makes it better for a pinball newb like myself. The soundtrack is as awesome as you would expect; even though there are only three Motley Crue songs featured, it’s fair to say that the rest are inspired by the band. I’ll admit that my expectations being low helps this one out somewhat, but come to think of it, I do usually enjoy pinball games on the Genesis for some reason.

Deal or Not a Deal? About what you should pay for it. The fact that I rather enjoyed it means I’m not as worried about missing the case (although it would be an awesome display piece).

Find: Mortal Kombat Gold Controller (PS2)

Price / Condition: $3 / Excellent; Buttons work well.

Where at: Value Village

Why: What can I say? There’s nothing really special about this, other than the cool artwork on the casing (depicting a decapitation fatality, of course). The d-pad and analog sticks feel good, and it looks bad-ass. I was waffling on it, but then I decided the fact that it’s gold makes it worthwhile. I want the gold. Gimme da gold!

Deal or Not a Deal? Totally reasonable price for a quality controller in good shape. It might even be a somewhat limited edition, since I’ve never seen it before.

Find: Resident Evil 2 Prima Guide (PS1)

Price / Condition: $1 / Good; normal dog-earing on the corners.

Where at: Value Village

Why: Egads, that cover art is AWFUL! Oh well. It’s still a cheap strategy guide for a good game. Can’t pass it up.

Deal or Not a Deal? A good deal. I just have to keep it hidden, as it may scare animals and small children.

Find: Knife Edge Nosegunner (N64)

Price / Condition: $5 / Clean cart.

Where at: Play N Trade

Why: I took a shot in the dark on this one. It’s a so-so on-rails shooter, but I don’t have many of those in my collection, so I’m not unhappy with it. Oh, and if you haven’t seen the magazine advertisements for this game, do yourself a favor and try to track them down. Horrendously awful; like, worst ever.

Deal or Not a Deal? Not really an awesome deal, but not a bad purchase either.

Find: Rocket: Robot on Wheels (N64)

Price / Condition: $5 / Lots of ugly sticker residue on the cart.

Where at: Play N Trade

Why: I passed this game up at a Value Village some months back, and after finding out it’s somewhat rare, and a unique platformer to boot, I was kicking myself. Never again, I vowed! So when I saw this yesterday, I had to get it despite the stickers all over it. My friend and I played it a bit, and while it’s definitely unique, it’s also a bit weird. I’ll probably warm up to it.

Deal or Not a Deal? A bit better than the last deal, given the rarity and quality of the game, but I imagine it’s not that hard to get it cheap when you do find it.

Find: Princess Zelda Ocarina of Time Action Figure

Price / Condition: $3 / Brand new!

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Why: People are ga-ga for Ocarina of Time, and I figured this one might be worth something to somebody. Turns out I was right, as it sold with Buy It Now mere minutes after I put it up for auction. The buyer must’ve been looking for this for a while to jump all over it so quickly. I’m glad it will help complete their collection of Zelda figures (and net me a little money in the process).

Deal or Not a Deal? Clearly, this was a deal. I made more than double what I spent on it.

Find: Microcosm (Sega CD)

Price / Condition: $1 / Complete, but the jewel case is busted up.

Where at: Play N Trade

Why: I like to pick up a random Sega CD game now and then, just to round out my collection. I usually don’t do it unless they’re dirt cheap, though, since many of the games tend to be god-awful FMV hack-jobs. Microcosm sounds pretty questionable from the description on the back, but it is a Psygnosis game. If nothing else, I can rip the soundtrack for my listening pleasure.

Deal or Not a Deal? Like I said, dirt cheap, so why not?

Find: Rambo: First Blood Part II (SMS)

Price / Condition: $5 / With case; good condition.

Where at: Half Price Books

Why: What I just said about Sega CD games also applies to Master System games. This one wasn’t quite as cheap, but it actually looks like a decent commando-ish game. Makes a fine addition to my small SMS library.

Deal or Not a Deal? I probably paid a bit too much for this, considering it doesn’t come with the manual, but Master System games only appear sporadically in my neck of the woods. It’s hard to say what’s a deal and what’s not, just because I don’t see them that often.

Find: Fire Shark (GEN)

Price / Condition: $1 / Cart is a little beat-up.

Where at: Play N Trade

Why: I was super-excited about this find initially, but after playing it, it’s not quite the mega-score that I thought it was. It’s just another decent-but-not-amazing shoot-em’up on the Genesis. Not bad by any means, but not as good as I was hoping it

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would be.

Deal or Not a Deal? Still a great deal at just one dollar, though!

Find: Game Boy Game Genie

Price / Condition: $3 / Excellent; with code book.

Where at: Goodwill

Why: These things are so cute! Look, it even has a little compartment in the back for the code book! The fact that you can only use it with the original “brick style” Game Boy does limit its usefulness somewhat, but it’s still a neat oddity to have. I’ve got genies for the SNES, Genesis, and NES, and with this I think that makes the full set.

Deal or Not a Deal? Kinda hard to find in the wild, but it will probably be this cheap whenever you do. It’s up to you whether or not it’s worth your money.

Find: Dreamcast Fishing Controller & Sega Bass Fishing

Price / Condition: $5 / Rod: Excellent; Game case: busted up.

Where at: Play N Trade

Why: I’ve seen these special controllers before, but always the Nyko knock-off, and always with a piece of it busted off. Couldn’t pass it up when I saw the official version bundled with a game. I have no idea whether or not this actually makes fishing enjoyable, but I’m willing to find out.

Deal or Not a Deal? The controller itself usually costs upwards of ten bucks, so this is an excellent deal!

Find: Game Boy Color w/ 10 Games & Carrying Case

Price / Condition: $20 / Everything in excellent condition!

Where at: St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

Why: As soon as I opened up this mystery bag and saw three Pokemon games peeking out of the top, I was sold. Those three alone will recoup my investment, so in essence I get a free Game Boy Color (in my favorite color, too: see-through purple!). I was able to give Game & Watch Gallery 3 to my friend as a birthday gift, and Dragon Warriors Monster 2 ain’t half bad either. Sure, the rest of the games are garbage (and so are the faceplates, literally: I threw them away), but there’s so much other good stuff here that it doesn’t matter. The case is actually very handy, being able to store my GBC and GBA SP, as well as several games.

Deal or Not a Deal? This is a bonafide MONSTER DEAL!

Find: Pair of Wavebird Wireless Controllers (GameCube / Wii)

Price / Condition: $20 Each / Both brand new, but one with the packaging cut at the top.

Where at: Pawn X-Change

Why: These things are in very high demand right now, because people love to use them for their Wii, and they’re not in production anymore (as far as I know). I’ve had one for a while myself, and I can attest to the fact that they are some of the best wireless controllers you can find (if you can get past the fact that they don’t have any force feedback).

Deal or Not a Deal? I knew this was a fantastic deal as soon as I saw them, as used Wavebirds tend to go in the $20-$30 range. It was hard not to hold onto these, as they are excellent pieces of hardware, but in the end selling them tripled my investment. Keep your eyes peeled for these things, guys.

Find: Nintendo Power – 12 Vintage Issues

Price / Condition: $0.49 Each / Fair-to-good condition; no pages or posters missing.

Where at: Goodwill

Why: This is actually one of my favorite finds in the last few weeks, just because it’s so rich in nostalgic glory. These are some of the best issues of Nintendo Power from the early nineties, with classic articles like “Why Your Game Paks Never Forget” and “Mega Man Robot Design Contest”. I never had a subscription to Nintendo Power myself; I had to borrow ‘em from some kid down the street. It just feels right having them in my game room; they’re the best kind of coffee table material.

Deal or Not a Deal? I definitely got these for the nice price. You can get them fairly cheap off eBay, too, but paying for the shipping puts a damper on things. A nice deal that leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. =)

A pretty good assortment of finds, eh? Even as I sit at my computer finishing this up, I’ve already got a stack of great finds for the next article ( I hit a minor jackpot at Value Village today). I’m sure I’ll have more than can fit into a single article by the time I’m done hunting tomorrow. Hopefully, some of you guys get a chance to go out and experience the President’s Day sales, too. There are plenty of hidden treasures waiting to be found out there, so let’s get hunting!

5 Responses to “Game Hunt (02/15/10): Kim Possible, GBC Lot, & A Flock of Wavebirds”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    Roll Away is an unheralded Psygnosis gem from the PS1 era, where everything they produced seemed to be great. nice find, my brother and I played a lot of that.

    we played a lot of Devil Dice as well but I never got Bombastic for some reason. let me know how it is!

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    also damn, i totally had a few of those nintendo powers! the mickey one was one i think i read front to back like a dozen times. and im pretty sure i begged my parents to buy me the roadrunner one so i could read more about the game after we rented it once.

  3. Eric Kennedy Says:

    I expect nothing but great things from Bombastic. Once we get a 5-player match going, I will let you know how it is!

  4. Brian Hohman Says:

    I am a die-hard Kim Possible fan, also Cammy doll wtf!, Awesome vintage finds! I love reading through these so many memories.

  5. Eric Kennedy Says:

    Dude, get thee forth, and find a copy of that game! You won’t be disappointed! Complete with the real voice actors!

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