Game Hunt (05/03/10): Super Scope, Jack Bros, Odin Sphere, & More
By Eric Kennedy Monday, 3 May 2010

My apologies for the long absence, faithful readers. I got married between now and the last installment of Game Hunts, which took a lot of my free time away. You’ll be happy to know that I haven’t let up on my hunting, though. I even snuck in a thrift store stop on my wedding day! Does that mean I’m an addict? Yeah, probably… but thanks to that addiction, I bring to you a slew of great finds. The President’s Day sales were as fruitful as expected, and I’ve had a lot of good luck otherwise, too. I was able to acquire the most coveted of SNES peripherals, and I even stumbled across arguably the hardest-to-find Virtual Boy game released in the states. Grab a comfty seat and get comfortable, because this could take a while (but I promise it’s worth it!).

Find: Super Scope w/ box & game Price / Condition: $30 / Box fairly beat up, scope in excellent condition! Where at: Craigslist Why: I’m just gonna jump right in with one of my favorite finds, because I was so excited to finally find this thing at a reasonable price. I’ve seen it at several game stores and conventions, but always in the neighborhood of fifty bucks. This was actually my first Craigslist deal, and I gotta say the price was definitely nice (despite the fact that the guy tried to bilk me for more money at the time of sale). Everything works perfectly, and I even got him to throw in Air Cavalry, an uncommon SNES that I need for my collection. I dunno what it is, I just think this is one

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of the coolest peripherals on the planet! Deal or Not a Deal? A great deal, because as I said, game stores and the like usually charge upwards of fifty bones, and buying it on eBay means paying a lot for shipping. I waited a long time for this deal, and it finally came!

Find: Advance Wars 2 (GBA) Price / Condition: $4 / Good Where at: St. Vincent De Paul Why: I love strategy games, and the first Advance Wars ranks very highly in my book. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for a cheap copy of the sequel, and whaddya know, it finally turned up, at less than half the price that I normally see it at. Can’t wait to dig into it! Deal or Not a Deal? I’ve passed up many more expensive copies of this, and my patience was rewarded with another great deal.

Find: Guardian Heroes Advance (GBA) Price / Condition: $4 / Good Where at: Gamestop Why: Ugh… yeah, I wish I didn’t have to admit that I bought something at Gamestop. Anyway, I was doing a final sweep of their stores in the area, since I figure they might have older stuff marked down considerably at this point (though not as much as one would think). Obviously, with this game, I was going off of how good the Saturn version was, and hoping against hope that the lukewarm reception it got wasn’t warranted. After playing just a little bit of it, I’d say that the overall perception was correct. Too bad. Deal or Not a Deal? Not a great deal, but I didn’t get ripped off either. The game probably has it’s moments.

Find: X-Zone (SNES) Price / Condition: $5 / Pretty darn clean, only a tiny bit of wear on the label. Where at: Play N Trade Why: It’s no surprise that I’m now on over the counter viagra the lookout for Super Scope games, and although my local Play N Trades are starting to dry up on good classic game finds, they offer some underrated stuff at fair prices. Had to get this one. Deal or Not a Deal? Probably what you’d expect to pay for this one, since it’s not useful unless you happen to own the scope. A fair price.

Find: Wario’s Woods (SNES) Price / Condition: $2.50 / Pretty messed up; it has a screw drilled through it. Where at: Value Village Why: I don’t know why, but every time I see this game, I always feel like it’s some super-secret rare gem that I must have in my collection. In reality, it’s a fairly common game, and even though it’s a unique puzzler, it’s not that sought after. Funny note on the condition, too: I got this in a batch of games that apparently came from a children’s hopsital, and that little screw in the corner was put there so they could attach it to something and prevent theft. So yeah, the cart looks pretty ugly, but in this particular case, I feel that it adds character. Deal or Not a Deal? I don’t mind adding this game to my collection for a few bucks, even given the poor condition that it’s in. Not a great deal, but a thrifty grab nonetheless.

Find: Alien Storm (GEN) Price / Condition: $0.88 / Excellent, clean cart and label! Where at: Value Village Why: I picked this one up purely on the merits of it’s cool-sounding name, picturing a futuristic run ‘n’ gun. What I got was actually a futuristic beat-em-up, with a very unique style (the gameplay varies between beat-em-up, first person shooter, and even a little sidescrolling

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shoot-em-up). Looks like I found another Genesis diamond in the rough. Deal or Not a Deal? For less than a buck including tax, this is a great pick-up!

Find: Chakan (GEN) Price / Condition: $0.88 / Good, with a little rattling inside the cartridge. Where at: Value Village Why: I thought I remembered this game not being very fun in my younger days, but I decided to give it another chance because of the bargain price. Unfortunately, the gameplay in this one is very slow and awkward, killing what could otherwise be a very dark and gritty action game. When you go looking for hidden gems, you’re bound to come up with lumps of coal sometimes. Deal or Not a Deal: I actually feel like I wasted my money; the game is that disappointing.

Find: Road Rash II (GEN) Price / Condition: $2.50 / Good, but just a little faded. Where at: Value Village Why: A friend of mine had really been talking up Road Rash recently, so I was keeping a look-out for a cheap copy. The game doesn’t run that smoothly on the Genesis (compared to PS1 or 3DO vesrions), but it’s still good for a quick-fix of racing-combat hybrid. Catchy tunes, too. Deal or Not a Deal? Definitely a fair price for this decent game. It’s cart only, but that’s okay for a couple bucks.

Find: Road Rash (PS1) Price / Condition: $1 / Scratchy disc and case, but not bad overall. Where at: St Vincent De Paul Why: Having tried out the slower Genesis version, I was interested to see how the game plays on a more modern system. The game play is significantly more action packed, and the hilarity of the cut scenes is something that’s not to be missed! Think 90’s era Nintendo “Play It Loud” commercials, but with ten times the cheesy “attitude”. Definitely an entertaining game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Deal or Not a Deal? If you see this game cheap, definitely get it. The FMV alone is worth the price of admission.

Find: Karaoke Revolution Party (PS2) Price / Condition: $6 / Good, with case and manual. Where at: Half Price Books Why: Before Rock Band, this was the game that got my circle of friends into having karaoke parties. Pretty decent selection of songs in this one (Take On Me, Brick House, Material Girl), and even if it doesn’t look good compared to present day music games, it’s still fun for solo singing. Deal or Not a Deal? It’s a pretty good deal, since it seems somewhat hard to find outside of Gamestop stores (and they charge much more for it).

Find: Karaoke Revolution (PS2) Price / Condition: $7 / Excellent, with case and manual. Where at: Goodwill Why: Now this makes me really happy. When the aforementioned circle of friends discovered this series, we made a collective effort to try and get our hands on as many versions as we could. From looking at the AWESOME song list in this one, we knew we had to have it, but it was actually much more expensive than the rest, so nobody bought it. Finding this means I can now sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Hey Jealousy, and NICKELBACK in the privacy of my own home. Deal or Not a Deal? I think this one is also very hard to find. My theory is that Konami was testing the waters to see how popular a karaoke game could be, and didn’t produce a ton of them. Add to that the fact that it came out several years ago, and I’d say this is a hell of a deal at under ten bucks!

Find: Perfect Dark (N64) Price / Condition: $5 / Great looking cart and label! Where at: Goodwill Why: I never got a chance to play this game when it was relevant, and I’ve passed on it many times as a result, fearing that it’s innovations would be lost on me. It was actually something of an impulse buy during the President’s Day sales, but after playing it with a few friends, I don’t regret the purchase. It holds up pretty darn well even today, although it would’ve made more sense to wait for the HD remix on Xbox Live. Oh well. Deal or Not a Deal? Not really a deal since you can now download an updated version of it for not much more money. Still, I don’t feel it was a waste.

Find: Rogue Squadron (N64) Price / Condition: $2 / Clean cart & label. Where at: St Vincent De Paul Why: I’m not really big on space flight sims, but most of the Star Wars games for the Nintendo 64 are actually pretty decent. I’ve heard this one is a cut above the rest, so I’m excited to give it a shot for a low price. Deal or Not a Deal?: You can find copies of this game in kamagra reviews a lot of places, but this is probably the cheapest you’re gonna find it. Solid deal.

Find: Battle Arena Toshinden (PS1) Price / Condition: $2 / Decent condition, old-style long jewel case! Where at: Pawn Xchange Why: Honestly, I never got a chance to play this game back in the day, so I don’t have any particular nostalgia for it. Given that, it probably won’t seem very good to me, but I like owning classic PS1 games in those big, silly cases. Deal or Not a Deal? Eh, not a bad price, since it’s kind of hard to come by the long box games.

Find: Gekioh Shooting King (PS1) Price / Condition: $4 / A little banged up and dirty, but not too bad. Where at: Goodwill Why: This was a total shot in the dark. The fact that it was a shoot’em-up released by Natsume (I have a lot of faith in them) were two important reasons why I had to satisfy my curiosity. It’s actually a very slick shooter with a TON of modes, some of them as amusing as they are fun to play. Like the “comical mode”, where the explosions are replaced with a laugh track and so forth; or “pocketstation mode”, which simulates playing the game on a dot-matrix style screen. This game was a nice suprise! Deal or Not a Deal? I’d never even heard of this game before, so I have to assume that under five bucks for it complete ain’t a bad deal. It’s not super-rare, but the quality of gameplay justifies the purchase.

Find: Jet Grind Radio (DC) Price / Condition: $2.50 / Great looking disc and case! Where at: Goodwill Why: As I understand it, this is one of those games you just have to add to your library at some point (if you own a Dreamcast). I’d seen a little bit of the gameplay before, and on top of the fact that it has a very stylish look, it seems to be a pretty fun game. My Dreamcast collection is still relatively small, so I’m always happy to pick up a must-have at a nice price. Deal or Not a Deal? It’s not a hard game to find, nor is it particularly expensive, but this is still a pretty darn good price!

Find: Rolo to the Rescue (GEN) Price / Condition: $1 / Label is a little worn, but not too dirty. Where at: Goodwill Why: This find was sort of like redemption for me, because I found a copy of this cutesy platformer game a while back, but despite all my efforts to clean it, the cartridge would not play. That was pretty disappointing because it’s a rare game, and apparently a decent platformer. Thankfully, this copy works, and while it isn’t “knock your socks off” amazing, it’s a cute game that might get better as it goes on. Deal or Not a Deal? Considering that it’s one of the harder Genesis games to find, paying a buck for it seems more than fair.

Find: Demon Sword (NES) Price / Condition: $3 / Almost perfect except for one big scratch on the label, and some dirt. Where at: Play N Trade Why: I didn’t know a thing about this game, but the artwork on the label looked pretty wicked, fitting for a game with such a bad-ass title. However, they pulled the old “this picture has nothing to do with the actual game” trick on me. Which isn’t all bad, because it turns out to be a sequel to Legend of Kage, this time with somewhat better control and a little more depth to it. Can’t complain. Deal or Not a Deal? A fair price for a what might be a decent game.

Find: Dig Dug II Price / Condition: $5 / Not great, thanks to that lousy rental sticker! Where at: Pawn Xchange Why: I didn’t even know they made a sequel to Dig Dug, so I felt like this might be something of a rarity when I saw it. Turns out I guessed correctly, as it is a little bit harder to find, and strangely, plays very differently from it’s predecessor. Still a fun game in it’s own cialis vs viagra right, so I made a good grab. Deal or Not a Deal? I think this was a good price, as I could easily see people trying to jack up the price on it due to it’s limited availability.

Find: Sega Saturn Backup Cartridge Price / Condition: $2 / Excellent, very clean. Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store Why: An Action Replay is much better than a standard memory backup cart, since it will let you play imports, but I figured a normal cartridge might come in handy until I can get of those. Then I looked on eBay, and saw that people will regularly pay $30 for one of these. I quickly decided it would be better put to use as money in my bank account. People tend to covet officially-branded memory devices, I guess because of some overblown fear that third party stuff will go bad and erase your saves (I suppose it does happen sometimes, though I’ve never seen it). Deal or Not a Deal? eBay says DEAL!

Find: Mister Mosquito (PS2) Price / Condition: $3 / No manual, and some sticker residue on the case. Where at: Value Village Why: Man, this game looks stupid as hell! There’s no way I could resist it at a low price. Even if I hadn’t heard good things about it (which I have), I’d have picked it up in a heartbeat. I’m pretty sure this is the only mosquito simulator available (in the US, at least). Deal or Not a Deal? Under five dollars is always an excellent deal on a quality PS2 game, although not getting the manual kinda hurts. I can only imagine the silliness contained within that booklet…

Find: Aqua Aqua (PS2) Price / Condition: $5 / Slightly beat-up case, scratchy disc, but nice manual. Where at: Pawn Fathers Why: Another recommendation from racketboy, viagra online this one is a pretty solid puzzler. I haven’t had time to get really in-depth with it, but it seems to have potential. You have to terraform a planet to contain bodies of water… kinda weird. Which is a good sign, in my book. Deal or Not a Deal? A good deal, as I think this was the first time I’ve seen it for sale anywhere.

Find: Odin Sphere (PS2) Price / Condition: $5 / Almost looks new! Where at: Pawn Xchange Why: I’m very, very pleased with this find, because I’ve heard sooooo many good things about this game. This takes me back to my days as a kid, when I’d actually get excited just by looking at the back cover of a video game box. A very nice find at the pawn shop, who apparently can’t distinguish between the dime-a-dozen PS2 games and the sought-after ones. Deal or Not a Deal? It’s not like this goes for TONS of money on eBay, but its still an awesome deal, considering how much I want to play the game.

Find: Namco Arcade Stick (PS1) Price / Condition: $5 / Buttons and stick work great, casing looks good except for the bottom. Where at: Value Village Why: This is another one of those finds that makes me blink several times, just to make sure I’m not dreaming. Those who know me well know that I previously found two of these at another Value Village, and have fallen in love with them since. They go for a LOT of money on eBay, thanks to their ultra-solid construction, but even then I couldn’t bring myself to part with them. Finding a third means I can finally make some money off of one of these. Deal or Not a Deal? It went for $70 on eBay, so it was definitely a no-brainer. Guys, if you ever see one of these in the wild, snatch it up. The only bad thing about them is deciding whether or not to sell it; they’re that good!

Find: Jack Bros (Virtual Boy) Price / Condition: $1.19 / Needed a little bit of cleaning, and there’s a rip on the back label. Where at: Goodwill Why: Shout out to my cousin Ardyman for pointing this one out for me! When I saw it, I had some notion that it was pretty rare, but I didn’t know just how rare until I got home… WOW! Pretty much the rarest Virtual Boy game, and very sought-after by collectors, probably because its the last game they need to complete their VB collection. Its also pretty fun to play, which drives up the demand even more. I briefly considered getting a Virtual Boy to play it, but then I came to my senses. Deal or Not a Deal? This also went for about $70 on eBay, which is like a bajillion percent return on my tiny investment. I really lucked out here!

Find: 8 Issues of classic Nintendo Power!!! Price / Condition: $0.29 each / Fair to good, rips and wrinkles throughout, but mostly intact. Where at: Value Village Why: Alright, technically this is 7 issues of Nintendo Power, and one issue of the Nintendo Fun Club News; which is infinitely more awesome, because I’ve never even seen an issue of the Fun Club! This is the best of the best of vintage NP, because I’ve got the first seven issues ever printed here, including such classic covers as Simon holding Dracula’s head, and a Dr. Wily made out of clay. Add to that issue #2 of Nintendo Fun Club News, and this is easily the coolest find of the batch. Deal or Not a Deal? The monetary value of these can vary pretty widely, and given the mediocre condition they’re in, they’re probably not worth much. Still, I spent less than four dollars to snag a significant piece of videogaming history. A very good deal! cialis vs viagra

Well, I ended on the same note that I did last time, but I just couldn’t resist posting back-to-back treasure troves of Nintendo Power nostalgia. Once again, I’ve already built up a considerable backlog of finds for the next installment of Game Hunts, and it’s only gonna get better thanks to a new flea market opening up in my area this weekend. I’m sure its already well into swap meet/flea market/garage sale season for many of you, so I encourage you to get out there and test the waters. You never know what kind of deals can be made through the power of haggling, until you try. Good luck, and until next time, be on generic cialis the lookout for Virtual Boy games with Pumpkins on the front.

2 Responses to “Game Hunt (05/03/10): Super Scope, Jack Bros, Odin Sphere, & More”

  1. jer Says:

    Alien Storm! We discovered that on Sherv’s MAME rig during Shervfest this year. Good stuff. And Road Rash 2 is awesome.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    such a ridiculous deal for jack bros. i got that from coward crutch from theshizz for 10 bucks with the label ripped off and thought i got an awesome deal. daamn.

    i got aqua aqua ages ago, its pretty fun for a discount quirky little title. and odin sphere for 5 bucks is a damned steal.

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