Game Hunt (11/01/09): Klonoa 2, Miracle Piano, Link to the Past, & More
By Eric Kennedy Sunday, 1 Nov 2009

“Game Hunt” is a new feature at Good-Evil about the art of video game hunting. For these articles, we will proudly display our deals, where we got them, and evaluate their worth. The last couple weeks have yielded some real variety for me. Cheap stuff, hard-to-find stuff, goofy stuff, you name it. Everything I like about game hunting was there for the taking. I hit a lot of thrift shops, but also branched out and visited a local rummage sale (my first, actually). Read on to find out which rare SNES peripheral I scored at a great price, and which NES games are finally a part of my collection!

Find: Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil (PS2)

Price/Condition: $6 / New, Shrink-wrapped (although the wrap is a little bit torn)

Where at: Local Middle School Rummage Sale

Why: I’ve played both of the Klonoa games on Game Boy Advance, and they are both very solid platformers. This one mixes 2D and 3D, but for the most parts stays true to it’s side-scrolling roots. It’s not often that I find games in the shrinkwrap, so I was doubly surprised to find it at a school rummage sale. Had to snatch it up at that price!

Deal or Not a Deal? I have to give this one a resounding DEAL! Paying under ten bucks for a brand new game that was released 8 years ago is something I am always willing to do. Especially when it’s from a series with a great reputation.

Find: Twisted Metal Black (PS2)

Price/Condition: $1.29 / Good, with manual and case. Disc somewhat scratched.

Where at: Goodwill

Why: Word around town is that this game marks the series’ return to greatness, due to the fact that some of the people from SingleTrac (who developed Twisted Metal 1 & 2) were on the development team. I always did enjoy those first two TM games, so this is something I’ve been looking to add to my collection at the right price.

Deal or Not a Deal? C’mon, at that price, for a good PS2 game with the case and manual? Deal! Lucky for me, it was a Red Tag Day at Goodwill, so what normally would have cost $5 was $1.29.

Find: Crash Bandicoot (PS1)

Price/Condition: $3 / Excellent, with case and manual. Disc looks brand new.

Where at: Goodwill

Why: I’ve always been somewhat hesitant to add any of the Crash games to my PS1 library. Maybe because, to me, he always came off as Sony’s lame attempt at a platformer game mascot. Just didn’t rub me right; the whole thing stank of cheese. I finally bit the bullet because I wanted to see if my suspicions were correct, and because the game is in such good condition.

Deal or Not a Deal? Three bucks for a complete Playstation game is very respectable, even if not all of them have aged well. I guess I’ll find out how well the years have treated Crash, but regardless, this is a good deal.

Find: Jet Moto (PS1)

Price/Condition: $5 / So-so, with case and manual. Case looks good, but the disc looks like hell.

Where at: Value Village

Why: Here’s another series that I was somewhat uncertain whether or not I wanted it in my collection, but I’ve heard enough passing comments on it’s quality to keep it in mind. While I’m not super excited to try it out, there really wasn’t much else at Value Village that day.

Deal or Not a Deal? This is what I like to call an “impulse buy”. Copies of this game are a dime a dozen, and the condition of the disc is a bit of a let-down. I feel like if I had held out and looked harder, I could have found a copy for two to three bucks. Not really a deal for such a common game.

Find: Resident Evil: Director’s Cut (PS1)

Price/Condition: $3 / Excellent, with case, manual, and both discs.

Where at: Value Village

Why: Resident Evil is a classic PS1 game for several reasons. It began a now-legendary franchise, and it showcases some of the most hilariously awful voice acting in any game, ever! The plot is perfectly camp, and the action is run-for-your-life gory mayhem! I’m not sure what the “Director’s Cut” adds to the game, but I’m a fan of survival horror, so this one was pretty much a no-brainer.

Deal or Not a Deal? Now that’s more like it! Three bucks for a well-renowned PS1 game with all the fixings is a STEAL!

Find: Afterlife (PC)

Price/Condition: $3 / Good, complete in box!

Where at: Goodwill

Why: I love sim games, and judging by the back of the box, this looks to be a very unique take on the genre. I actually read a little bit about this one in an issue of LucasArts’ “The Adventurer” magazine, so it was stuck in the back of my mind as something to keep an eye out for. I’m also a huge sucker for PC games when they have the box and all the documentation.

Deal or Not a Deal? Deal! It’s complete, it’s got potential, and it’s from one of the best PC developers of that time period, Lucas Arts.

Find: Quest for Glory V Strategy Guide (PC)

Price/Condition: $1 / Good

Where at: Half Price Books

Why: I’ve worked my way through the first two Quest for Glory games, started the third, and have hopes of some day finishing the series. As notoriously difficult as point-and-click adventures can sometimes be, I thought it prudent to have a strategy guide handy for when I eventually start the fifth and final chapter.

Deal or Not a Deal? Half Price Books clearance shelves are often a good source for deals on strategy guides. For someone who owns the game, a dollar is a very small price to pay for something so useful.

Find: Creatures (PS1)

Price/Condition: $1 / Excellent, with case and manual.

Where at: Value Village

Why: I often like to try out games if they look like nothing I’ve ever played before, and this definitely fits the bill! I’ve included a close-up of the back of the case, so that you can see how silly this game looks. I probably wouldn’t have picked it up if it wasn’t dirt-cheap, but I am very interested to see what this game is about.

Deal or Not a Deal? It might turn out to be garbage, but I’d gladly pay a buck to take a chance on something strange. I probably wouldn’t pay more than that, though.

Find: N2O (PS1)

Price/Condition: $2 / Good, with case and manual.

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store (Mormon-run, only in certain states)

Why: To be honest, I don’t know much about this game other than it looks like a Wipeout rip-off with a Crystal Method soundtrack. I like collecting PS1 games that you can also stick in your CD player, so this was a nice pick-up for me.

Deal or Not a Deal? Sure, it’s a deal. Not an amazing one, but the price is about right.

Find: Perfect Weapon (PS1)

Price/Condition: $2 / Good, with case and manual.

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Why: Oh man, everything about this game screams “hilariously awful”! It has the potential to be the worst of the worst among PS1 games. The only reason I picked this one up was to indulge my masochistic streak for bad games (which often ends up involving PS1 games).

Deal or Not a Deal? Not a deal. This is a result of some weird fetish I have, and I don’t recommend spending even a dollar on this kind of crap. Unless you’re sick like me, that is.

Find: Power Blade (NES)

Price/Condition: $2 / Good. It would be in great condition if not for the rental store stickers.

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Why: I’ve heard enough about this game to want to find out for myself just how good it is. I also don’t see it very often, and that can lead to excitement when I finally do find it at a bargain price. Apparently the soundtrack is very good, too!

Deal or Not a Deal? Due to this one being fairly uncommon, it’s a good deal for those looking to add to their NES library.

Find: Silver Surfer (NES)

Price/Condition: $2 / Good. The rental store sticker strikes again, though!

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Why: There’s a lot of debate over whether or not this is actually a good game. Some say the insane difficulty makes it unplayable, while others cite that same quality as a virtue that makes it one of a kind. It is a fairly interesting game, and somewhat hard to find, so I had to grab it.

Deal or Not a Deal? That depends on whether or not you think the steep challenge marks this game as legendary or lame. I went with the former. It’s the Silver Surfer, after all!

Find: Arch Rivals (NES)

Price/Condition: $2 / Excellent.

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Why: This is purely a nostalgic purchase for me. My brothers and I played the hell out of this when we were kids, mainly because it’s a basketball game where you can punch your opponent, and even pull down his pants! I guess that makes it something of a precursor to NBA Jam.

Deal or Not a Deal? You could probably get this game for as cheap as a dollar, but two ain’t shabby either. Like I said, the nostalgic factor makes it a deal for me.

Find: Dogbone Style Control Pad (NES)

Price/Condition: $1 / Excellent. It was actually much dirtier when I found it, but some rubbing alcohol took care of that. The buttons don’t stick, which is the most important thing.

Where at: Goodwill

Why: These things are hard to come by, as they didn’t show up until very late in the NES life cycle. The redesigned casing makes them much more comfy to hold, but I’m not sure how I feel about convex buttons, versus the concave that the original pads had. Still, I didn’t have one of these yet, and was eager to add it to my arsenal.

Deal or Not a Deal? A great deal! These are hard to find, and it’s nice when the buttons aren’t worn out, too.

Find: Controller Extension Cable (SNES)

Price/Condition: $1 / Good. It’s a little dirty, but should still work fine.

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Why: I don’t have one of these either, and although there aren’t many situations when the length of the SNES controller’s cord won’t suffice, it’s nice to be prepared when it does come up.

Deal or Not a Deal? I don’t see these very often. Deal!

Find: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)

Price/Condition: $2 / Good. Required some cleaning to remove dirt and such. Label looks pretty smooth, minus a couple rips.

Where at: Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Why: When I see a game this good for so little money, I almost trip over myself in my haste to snatch it up! GIMME DAT!

Deal or Not a Deal? This is arguably the biggest no-brainer of the bunch. If you don’t know about this game, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

Find: Miracle Piano (SNES)

Price/Condition: $16 / Excellent.

Where at: Goodwill

Why: These are very hard to come by, this being the first one I’ve ever seen at a thrift store. The problem is, they’re useless without the special cable that connects it to your SNES. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to go search Goodwill’s miscellaneous plugs & cables section. Once I located the matching connector, I was immediately very interested in picking up this rarity. There wasn’t a price sticker on it, so I had to ask one of the cashiers. She said $49.99, which was just too rich for my blood. I decided to come back the next day and press my luck, which worked out because a different cashier told me $14.99 (plus $1 for the cable). SOLD!

Deal or Not a Deal? The cable alone fetches about $25 on eBay, so this was definitely a screamin’ deal! I’m an avid SNES collector, and this is a great showpiece for my collection. All I have to do is find an AC adapter (which should be easy), and the SNES cartridge (which I found easily online, as well). This feels like one of those “once in a lifetime” finds to me.

Whew! I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a good couple weeks of hunting. Very lucrative all in all, and that’s not even everything I found! I had to omit some of the more run-of-the-mill finds just to keep this article from becoming too massive. To any of you potential hunters out there that get discouraged because they never find anything at their thrift stores, I always say persistence is key. This article is the product of two weeks worth of at least ten different stops. It’s all about knowing your city’s thrifts and second-hand stores, and planning good routes to maximize your travel time. I’ll get into more specifics another day, but until then, keep your eyes peeled for sweet deals!

4 Responses to “Game Hunt (11/01/09): Klonoa 2, Miracle Piano, Link to the Past, & More”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    Lots of goodies here!

    My thoughts:

    – Getting Klonoa 2 sealed for that price was definitely a great pickup. I got it recently, disc only, for about the same price.
    – TM: Black is very common, but that price is a steal! It’s a fantastic game too, excellent with 2 or more players.
    – Jet Moto and Crash were both astute pickups. Jet Moto has fantastic music (and it’s a redbook cd!) and is really fun once you learn the grapple. Crash is a PS1 classic that still plays well and looks sharp.
    – Perfect Weapon is awwwwful. I rented it back in the day when it came out. The PC version is currently sitting at my Goodwill, hopefully never to be purchased
    – Dogbone – unbeatable price for something I never see around here
    – Zelda 3 – same thing. great game, amazing deal.
    – Miracle Piano – 16 bucks for any keyboard is a great deal, let alone the miracle piano. this is one to be proud of for sure, and props for the persistence on coming back later for a better price.

  2. Eric Kennedy Says:

    Oh! Thanks for the hot tip on Jet Moto! I didn’t realize it’s another redbook CD (although I should’ve realized it).

    Look forward to my next G-E article: Perfect Weapon In-Depth Review!!!

  3. Mike Callahan Says:

    I don’t even know what the Miracle Piano is but it looks and sounds amazing. I think you’ll like TM: Black, as Zach said. I LOVED it as a co-op game, especially with the difficulty turned up. It has that classic blend of great levels, crazy action and just enough challenge to really get you mad when you lose, but also to motivate you to keep playing.

    Despite the lameness of Crash as a mascot, the game is actually really fun. I think you’ll like it.

    Jet Moto is obviously great, and I like the soundtrack/play of N20. Not as good as Wipeout, but not a bad deal.

    A heck of a series of steals!

  4. Eric Kennedy Says:

    I’m gonna be hooking up the Miracle Piano soon, so we’ll see if it lives up to the hype.

    And yeah, n2o was definitely my solution to not owning a copy of Wipeout. I never see that game for sale. 🙁

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