Game Hunt (11/29/09): Clearanced Wii Titles, Portable Deals, & More
By Zach Patterson Sunday, 29 Nov 2009

Although Good-Evil was quiet this week due to the holiday, I was still keeping a vigilant eye out for any Black Friday related game deals for this column. While I ended up with quite a nice little bounty, none of these were any more than clearance-priced items that I happened to pick up, and most of the Black Friday deals I saw were pretty disappointing. Regardless, I walked away with some very nice games. Read on for more…

Find: Monopoly (SNES)

Price/Condition: $0.25 / Label slightly torn, looks a little crusty, but works.

Where at: Saturday’s Market Flea Market, junk dealer offering anything laying on the ground in his lot for 25 cents. It was laying between some pieces of garbage in a basket.

Why: It’s 25 cents. I may never seriously play it, but come on.

Deal or Not a Deal? It’s 25 cents. I’ll get my quarter’s worth one way or another. Deal.

Find: Pokemon Pinball (GB)

Price/Condition: $4 / Fair, missing battery (added for pic)

Where at: Saturday’s Market Flea Market, off a merchant asking too much for pretty much everything else he was selling.

Why: Quite frankly, I’ve seen this guy a few times at this flea market, and he tries to hard to sell you on stuff you don’t want, and has his prices too high anyway, and is unwilling to haggle. I walked through anyway, and his first offer was $7, and just as I started to walk away, he backtracked and offered $4 instead. I’m kind of a sucker for portable pinball, so it was an easy decision. Then he proceeded to try to sell me Taito Drum Master for 5 minutes. As for the game itself, it’s not the tightest game of pinball in the world, but it’s at least interesting and the rumble is pretty good.

Deal or Not a Deal? Decent deal. Usually anything with the words Pokemon on it on a portable Nintendo system will run you closer to $10.

Find: Boom Blox (Wii)

Price/Condition: $9.99 / Used, in what appears to be a display box with no instructions, but disc looks fine, and in original white case.

Where at: Blockbuster Video

Why: There’s probably a dozen or more decent third party Wii titles that tried to position themselves as successful titles with big names and big companies behind them and failed to really become a hit, and Boom Blox is one of those. With EA publishing and Steven Spielberg’s name on it, it certainly had a bit of clout, and it must have been moderately successful, since there’s a sequel out now, but I think to most people it’s not a really well known title. Regardless, it’s got great reviews and looks like a lot of fun.

Deal or Not a Deal? While I have seen it used now in Gamestops for $20-25, I think $10 is still a pretty good deal. Not a huge find, but I’m pleased.

Find: Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)

Price/Condition: $14.99 / Disc is fine, but in Blockbuster case and no instructions. BOOO

Where at: Blockbuster Video

Why: I’m not a huge Smash Bros. fan, but Melee made me a bit of a casual fan, and from the brief multiplayer Brawl I played, I liked this new version even more. I just never could commit $50 to it. $15 is certainly more reasonable.

Deal or Not a Deal? Smash Bros. games just do not seem to lose their value. I still see Melee copies going for $30, and I noticed that Brawl is still $50 new, $45 used at Gamestop. Huge Deal, even without the instructions/case.

Find: Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

Price/Condition: $14.99 / Opened, but otherwise looks brand new and unplayed

Where at: Blockbuster Video

Why: Well, I saw this sitting in the disorganized bargain bin and was completely confused. This game might as well be brand new, as it was released 3 months ago, and it’s sitting in with beat-up copies of Dogz and GTA III and Madden 07 and other old dime-a-dozen clearance items? I had decided to hold off on this game for a bit since I’d heard rather mixed things about it, but $15 is a different beast than $40. After it was rang up, I saw the error. It was stickered and rung up as Crisis Core: FF7. Of course, I didn’t point that out.

Deal or Not a Deal? Basically a brand new above average Square-Enix game for a fraction of its list price in next-to-new condition is a Deal!

Find: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror / Super Ghouls N Ghosts (GBA)

Price/Condition: $8, $6 / Cart only

Where at: The Exchange – CD/DVD/Video Game store around Pittsburgh

Why: My GBA collection is still kinda slim, and I put off buying both of these forever. I wanted the Amazing Mirror for awhile because it’s not a remake like Nightmare in Dreamland, but Kirby games usually sell high in the used market. This price was reasonable. Ghouls N Ghosts is probably my favorite SNES game, and this GBA port had some extra goodies to go along with it, so I was okay with snatching it for this price.

Deal or Not a Deal? Neither one is a great deal, but you’ll probably pay 5-10 more for Kirby at bigger stores. Super GnG is rather common and not that expensive, so it’s a push.

Find: Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 (DS)

Price/Condition: $14 / Used, but great conditions. Instructions included.

Where at: The Exchange

Why: This game may be more common in some places, and I could have simply bought it off Amazon if I really wanted it, but this is only the second time I have seen it since its release. I liked the first one a lot, even though it was frustratingly hard, and ended up skipping the 2 Wii ones, so I was ready for another go at some anime surgery drama.

Deal or Not a Deal? Not a big deal, as the price is right in line with Amazon’s used vendors. Just pleased I found it and it wasn’t a rip off.

Find: Sonic Gems (GC)

Price/Condition: $5 / Used, but good condition

Where at: The Exchange

Why: I’m not really much of a Sonic fan, but I enjoyed the early titles, and owned a Game Gear with a few Sonic titles on there. I was also introduced to Sonic CD awhile ago, and quickly came to love it. As a result, this collection, with Sonic CD, Sonic the Fighters, Sonic R, and all the Game Gear games appealed to me on Sonic CD alone, as I don’t have a Sega CD. The rest are welcome bonuses, as I even like Sonic R, the weird racing game title. With this and Sonic Jam for Saturn, I have all the Sonic games I need.

Deal or Not a Deal? $5 is a great deal for what is included here. This collection may rely heavily on Sonic CD but that alone is worth more than 5 bucks.

And now, I’m officially game hunted out for this year, I believe. It’s now Christmas season, so Game Hunt turns into Gift Hunt for me. No matter, as I picked up a bunch of pretty great deals here, and I’ll have plenty to play both old and new for awhile.

2 Responses to “Game Hunt (11/29/09): Clearanced Wii Titles, Portable Deals, & More”

  1. Eric Kennedy Says:

    Nice prices all around; I don’t think you overpaid for anything! Solid deals on those Wii games, and I especially like the GBA carts as I’d like to own both of those as well. A quarter for Monopoly? Why not!

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    time to admit an error here…though you cant really see it here, Dissidia was sealed across with tape and I never checked the game out when i bought the game before Thanksgiving. Didn’t take the game with me when I traveled over the holiday, and when I got back, I got ready to finally play it, open it…and it’s Crisis Core. Guess that explains why it was the price it was and why it rung up so cheap. The clerk said they didn’t even have Dissidia on file and the game was never given to them. How they still had case is completely beyond me, but i got my money back. so yeah, strike that one off the list.

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