GE;TS (02.01): The Deep Dark Woods – All the Money I Had is Gone
By Andrew Raub Monday, 22 Jun 2009

“Good-Evil; The Soundtrack” is a weekly feature that showcases an editor’s song pick complete with a small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the song. This edition of GE;TS marks the second round of GE;TS by Good-Evil contributors. This week’s selection by Andrew is “The

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Deep Dark Woods – All the Money I Had is Gone”. The Deep Dark Woods – All the Money I Had is Gone I want to keep this pretty brief, as I plan on reviewing this album soon. The Deep Dark Woods is a fairly young Canadian folk/country band with an aged sound. This song, “All the Money I Had is Gone”, is one of the more somber songs from the album. This song sticks to a paltry three chords and relies on the vocal harmonies to carry the song from verse to chorus and back again. The composition of the song keeps it moving at a steady pace, and the introduction of various instruments from slide guitars to an organ solo keep the song from growing stale. Mostly forgoing the heavy country or bluegrass overtones that the other songs have, this song reminds me of Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Grey”, or early Dire Straits, only toned down. It’s got a certain sheen too it which matches the mood of the song perfectly. It’s the first song off the album that truly pulled me in and made me listen deep. Lyrically it fits into these economically troubled times well. The song is simple, it’s just about a man who has fallen financially. It is difficult to tell if we should feel bad for him, given the context of all the greed and corruption we see today, but considering the final verse of the song, it seems this man is just a hard working fellow who has hit hard times.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    nice song, i dug it. very laid back and a little sad feeling, but good stuff.

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