GE;TS (02.02): Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal
By Charlie Goodrich Monday, 29 Jun 2009

“Good-Evil; The Soundtrack” is a weekly feature that showcases an editor’s song pick complete with a small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the song. This week’s selection by Chuck is “Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal”. Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (from Moonwalker) “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson has everything. It tells an awesome story about Annie who was apparently wounded by someone who broke into her home. Jackson sings the beginning chorus with a low rasp, almost a whisper. It adds a creepy vibe to the song. Additionally, “Smooth Criminal” has a great rhythm. The beginning starts off with a Jackson “oww!” and then calms into a catchy guitar riff. Michael then tells the story of how Annie was struck down. “Smooth Criminal” then goes into overdrive towards the middle of the song. It has a great build up and gets more and more furious until the fade out at the end. Not enough artists use the fade out anymore. The video is classic Michael Jackson. Much like “Thriller” it tells a complete story. Jackson plays a detective character looking for Annie’s killer. Not only is this some of Michael’s greatest choreography but he also crushes a pool ball,

smoothly pulls out a gun and blows someone away, and goes nuts with a tommy gun. Pure genius! An interesting fact is that Jackson held the patent for the anti-gravity lean maneuver he performs for this video. He created a unique harness and pegged shoes so he could lean at an impossible angle. Other than “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal” should go down as his video masterpiece. Despite his strange behavior and criminal (no pun intended) acts, Michael Jackson was a great performer and entertainer. He revolutionized the music world and made MTV a new realm for music. His concerts were amazing and he loved putting smiles on people’s faces when he performed. It’s unfortunate that he became a joke and was viewed by millions in a negative way. He brought it upon himself obviously but I hope people remember him more for his music than the sideshow. Here is a great live version from 1992: Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Live in Bucharest, Dangerous Tour) And just for fun, here’s the Sega Genesis version of Smooth Criminal from the game Moonwalker: Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Sega Genesis Version)

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