GE;TS (02.06): Krallice – Wretched Wisdom
By Sherv Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009

“Good-Evil; The Soundtrack” is a weekly feature that showcases an editor’s song pick complete with a small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the

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song. This week’s selection by Sherv is “Krallice – Wretched Wisdom”.

Krallice – Wretched Wisdom
Found at

Caveat: If you absolutely loathe Lightning Bolt or Orthrelm then this band isn’t for you! I admit to not being particularly interested in either, having seen the latter in Phoenix a number of years ago and being rather bored during their performance. When I first heard the opening song on Krallice’s debut self-titled album “Wretched Wisdom”, however, something hooked me immediately. Starting with a lone guitar for the first 90 seconds, the remaining instruments eventually explode and instill the song with an absolute urgency. The song takes off….and continues to rail against your ears for over ten minutes.

The vocals are quite screamy, similar to Sleepytime Trio, but never grating and never dominating the music. This song is empowering and invigorating, if just for the masterful playing and tremendous energy channeled by the musicians; double bass kicks and trill guitar picking work synergystically.

As the debut album by Krallice, I feel that it just kicked black metal in the ass. If Krallice keeps this up, we’re all in for a treat.

Krallice – Wretched Wisdom (live)

3 Responses to “GE;TS (02.06): Krallice – Wretched Wisdom”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    jesus that was fucking intense. this is some ridiculous metal right here.

  2. jer Says:

    this album is fucking phenomenal.

  3. Andrew Raub Says:

    Glad you picked this song, Sherv. Somewhere around 8:30 into the song is my favorite.

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