GE;TS (02.08): Neurosis – Locust Star
By Jason Vincion Friday, 21 Aug 2009

“Good-Evil; The Soundtrack” is a weekly feature that showcases an editor’s song pick complete with a small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the song. This week’s selection by Jason Vincion is Neurosis – “Locust Star”. Neurosis is another band I’ve known about for a long while (since 1996), but didn’t really get into until Given to the Rising (their most recent album) came out in 2007. I got into that album very quickly, which in turn led me to dive into the rest of their catalog. I already had a couple of their albums, and I heard them again in a new and completely different way. One song in particular of theirs that I enjoy is “Locust Star”, off of their album Through Silver in Blood (which is one of the couple that I already had). Considering their songs are known for reaching the 10 minute range and going beyond, this one seems rather short coming in just under six minutes. I think another reason that I chose this track is because it online payday loan really captures what Neurosis is all about. It starts with some ambient keys and a tribal beat, and you can tell something epic is building. There’s also a feel of something mystical online payday loan and otherworldly in this section. When the music pauses, you know the song is apply now paydayadvanceusca ready to hit you in the face and it certainly does with its wall of guitars, tandem shouting from Scott Kelly and Steve von Till, churning bassline, atmospheric synths, and tribal drumwork. The verse and pre-chorus build the tension for the chorus, which pummels the listener with heavy full-stops on the quarter notes before easing off a bit and slamming them once again. The song cycles through those three parts again, then trails off for a few measures before a gigantic riff drops and the guttural shouting of Dave Edwardson comes to destroy all. He’s matched by that of Steve von payday

2 masks Till in payday loans the right stereo channel and Scott Kelly in the left, all of which are reciting different lyrics. When all is said and done, this song leaves destruction in its wake. payday one I picked this song in particular because I went to go see Neurosis for the 2nd nevada title and payday loans time recently and I got to see them perform this payday 2 song live, which they didn’t the first time that I saw them. It was quite the intense experience, and as you can tell by the live vid below, payday loans houston they certainly do instant cash their best to summon the apocalypse with this song. The only unfortunate thing about the show was that there was no pit area (it was seating only), so I had to make do with just thrashing around by myself. I bet I looked rather foolish, but the music was so primal that it just washed over me and payday loan I really could not have payday cared less. I highly recommend making it out to see them live, as they barely play out any more. When they do, they bring a tidalwave of force and sound with them.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    the vocals aren’t really my thing, but it’s pretty intense musically. also, i find it kinda funny that this and Krallice have sandwiched the Beach Boys in our most recent GE;TS selections. variety!

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