GE;TS (03.08): Carcass – Heartwork
By Jason Vincion Monday, 7 Dec 2009

“Good-Evil; The Soundtrack” viagra in canada is a weekly feature that showcases an editor’s song pick complete with a small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the song. This week’s selection by Jason is Carcass – “Heartwork”.

I watched a lot of MTV as a youth and Headbanger’s Ball was an essential show for me. There were lots of great metal bands featured on these shows, but there were two episodes in particular that I taped because of who was hosting – Soundgarden and Pantera, respectively.

While watching Soundgarden bowl and following Pantera around was a treat to watch, there were three videos (and songs) from bands on those two shows that completely blew me away. Those songs were Morbid Angel’s “God of Emptiness”, Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues” and (as you may have guessed) Carcass’ “Heartwork”.

Almost sixteen years later, I still enjoy all three bands, but there’s only one I still listen to with any regularity, and that’s Carcass. In fact, I was listening to Heartwork on Thursday while giving my heart and body a workout in the gym, and the whole album still holds up extremely well, though the title track is likely the strongest point.

It starts with the dual guitar attack of Bill Steer and Mike Amott playing a riff that sounds like fighter planes taking off. The drums and bass dive in on the 2nd repetition and drive things into the ground until a melodic break and solo in half-time give the listener a breather. However, this doesn’t last, as the alarm sounds (via pinch harmonic) that the song is about to storm forth again.

It storms forth with the verse riff, which is an extremely driving thrash attack with Jeff Walker’s “Dave Mustaine on steroids” vocal delivery over top. The lyrics describe artwork in a very abstract and visceral sense, which can be interpreted a number of ways. The chorus comes in an instant, but it doesn’t change in pace enough to differentiate it much from the verse, aside from backing off a bit on the driving feel.

Another verse and chorus blast by, followed by a reprise of the melodic break from earlier with some new melodies over the top can women take cialis from Steer. One of the things I really enjoy about this song are the melodic variations here and cialis 5 mg en uygun fiyat? there that Carcass keep adding while the song pummels away.

The song then jumps into a variation on the intro riff with vocals over top, which may be the most vicious part of an already monstrous song. It makes cialis e viagra assieme sense that they decided viagra tablet to ease things off again with another melodic break before jumping back into the intro riff with a more dynamic drum riff by the always tasteful Ken Owen.

They continue the barrage by putting vocals over the top of intro riff, then they jump back yet again to the melodic break with another solo online us pharmacy by Steer with a pinch harmonic at the end signaling another change. This time it’s Cialis women back to the verse riff, a short ascending riff and to the final chorus.

Bill Steer sneaks in a short solo, then Mike Amott finally gets his chance to shine with a solo while Jeff Walker belts out the last chorus and the band rampages away. The intro riff variation appears again, then ends on a brutal syncopated riff. Heartwork clocks in at four minutes, thirty-two seconds, but goes by in an instant.

This whole song is an absolute whirlwind of notes and riff changes that could leave the listener rather disoriented. While this might be rather brutal fare for most, this song stands out as one of the best and timeless melodic death metal pieces ever recorded.

BONUS: Heartwork live at Wacken ‘08:

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