GE;TS (04.02): Trans Am – Obscene Strategies
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010

I dunno if it’s a case of writer’s block, a bout of lethargy, or the release of Final Fantasy XIII, but there hasn’t been a lot going on here on the ol’ G-E, and frankly, I haven’t had a lot to

talk about anyway. But….hey, I still like music! Do you like music? Maybe? Well, Trans Am’s most recent album, Sex Change, was an album I sorta enjoyed when I heard it back in 2007, but after buying it in earnest a few weeks ago, I’ve really come to dig it. It has a wide range of music contained on it that touches on several genres from hard rock to post rock to John Carpenteresque synth to straight up fresh dance cuts. Here’s one of

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Trans Am – Obscene Strategies
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