GE;TS (04.03): Coverdale and Page – Shake My Tree
By Charlie Goodrich Friday, 2 Apr 2010

Back in the early 90’s, Jimmy Page was looking for something to do. Ever since Led Zeppelin disbanded Page in 1980, Page took on little odd jobs and projects from forming a super group, The Firm, to doing the soundtracks for Death Wish 2 and 3. I think he was itching for a Zeppelin reunion but Robert Plant had no interest in reforming the band. This left Page with an option: give up and start work on Death Wish 4 or find a substitute for Mr. Plant. He chose the latter and recruited, at the time, Whitesnake singer David Coverdale. Coverdale is the closest thing you can find to Robert Plant. Even when he took over lead singer duties in Deep Purple you could hear the similarities between the two.

The Coverdale/Page experiment did not last long, but they released a pretty solid album that kicks off with “Shake My Tree”. The song has a twangy blues element that oozes from Coverdale’s vocals and Page’s guitar. “Shake My Tree” has a haunting sound that is produced by a pounding bass and the production over Coverdale’s voice. David’s voice echoes at certain points of the song to make it sound like he is being tormented. Page hasn’t played a guitar like this since the mid-70s. He sounds inspired again and his playing is contributing beautifully to “Shake My Tree”. Page’s guitar, the bass, and vocals all fit perfectly with the lyrics, which sound like it is about two lovers who are pushed too far. By the end of the song you get the feeling that either will snap and kill the other. I’m glad Page was able to rebound from almost a two decade period where he muddled around and played half-hearted. I’m also glad that Coverdale is able to overcome the stereotype of being the Whitesnake singer and let his powerful blues voice shine on this song and album.

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