GE;TS (04.04): Soul Coughing – Soft Serve
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 28 Apr 2010

I’ve been on a trip down memory lane lately, and Soul Coughing was a band that I really got into right as they were breaking up. After singer Mike Doughty started touring again and playing a lot of Soul Coughing tunes, I kinda went through a big SC phase. Their use of stand-up bass, mix of poppy harmonies/jazz/deadpan rap/improv-ish lyrics, and general goofiness has always been great for a listen, even if their short catalog of 3 albums grows a little tired on multiple listens. Of all their songs though, Soft Serve is probably the one of my favorites. It portrays the best parts of Soul Coughing; the wordplay, the catchy rhythms, and mix of serious/silly. Now here comes the lust in phaze.

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