GE;TS (04.07): Concrete Blonde – Tomorrow Wendy
By Charlie Goodrich Wednesday, 25 Aug 2010

“Good-Evil; The Soundtrack” is a whenever feature that showcases an editor’s song pick complete with a order essay small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the song. This week’s selection by Chuck is “Concrete Blonde – Tomorrow Wendy”. Want some emotional lyrics? Here is a taste of “Tomorrow Wendy” by Concrete Blonde.

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I told the priest, Don’t count on any second comings God got his ass kicked, The first time he came down here slumming He had the balls to come The gall to die, cell phone spy uk and then forgive us No I don’t wonder why, I wonder what he thought it would get us Johnette Napolitano sings this verse with a supreme confidence that boarders on defiant anger. “Tomorrow Wendy” is a dark song about a girl that has had he life change suddenly and for the worse. Napolitano said this song is about a girl, Wendy, who discovers she has AIDS. The lyrics express feelings of regret, remorse, and anger. All the things a person with AIDS probably experiences at some point. The way the lyrics are executed and how well they correspond with the instruments creates an eerie atmosphere. It is powerful and moving when you imagine the hardships people endure and how they cope with the pain. “Tomorrow Wendy” is simply a very human song.

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