GE;TS (01.05): At The Drive-In – Arcarsenal
By Matt Gulbrandsen Sunday, 26 Apr 2009

“Good-Evil; The Soundtrack” is a weekly feature that showcases an editor’s song pick complete with a small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the song. This week’s selection by Matsu is “At The Drive-In – Arcarsenal”. Did ATDI know how to start and album or what!? In/Casino/Out had its’ “Alpha Centauri”. Vaya had ‘Rascuashe” and then their swan song Relationship of Command, had ‘Arcarsenal’. Every band knows or should know how important that first song is but not everyone executes it this well. It’s the setup for the album. It needs to suck you in and not let go. It’s supposed to make you curious as to what’s in front of you and prepare you for a journey. ATDI knew exactly how to do this. Let’s give it a listen. At The Drive In – Arcarsenal (studio) From the starting drum beats, you hear this behemoth charging forth at you. It sounds almost like a freight train chugging along. Vocals are present and phone spy ominous. Drums are pummeling, guitars effects are dripping through the intro until it all finally builds up and then kicks into high gear. “I must have read a thousand facesI must have robbed them of their cause”. It’s an explosion and I still get chills every time. I love the way that the bass and guitar are playing a tight defined rhythm while Omar’s lead is just dirty and all over the place. The two guitars always accent each other perfectly through little variation. The song keeps moving along at such a tight pace until it goes into a clean break down. Pianos and a repeating guitar line get beaten into your head as the drums keep up with a tight line. Tony really knew how to play in the pocket and I give him a lot of credit for that. Cedric sings “Have you ever tasted skin? Sink your teeth in”. It goes back into the main verse to end it with “BEWARE” being screamed until his larynx explodes. It’s just such a fitting way to end the song. Now with ATDI, the lyrics are vague and people analyze the hell out of them but to me, they just sound awesome (kind of like how King Buzzo speaks in tongues). It’s more like “hey cool, I don’t know what that means but that was some sick alliteration”. Some say this song is about Jeffrey Dahmer and cannibalism etc, others say it’s about touring and the rush they feel from it. No matter what it’s really about, it slays and I think spy mobile phone that’s because the instrumentation is so tight and it has so much raw energy. A little trip down nostalgia road brings me to the days where I just got into Phantasy Star Online and custom paper service had an obsession with At The Drive-In and the game. Every time I encountered a boss, I would quickly turn the volume down and blast this song. It always sounded like the perfect boss music to me. Give it a try if you’re feeling exceptionally nerdy. It’s also a grand choice as a start for a playlist (back in my day, it was a mix tape) for a nice drive. At The Drive-In were the masters at what they did and how to spy a mobile phone I’ll always hold this song as an example of what music sounded like at the changing of this century. It’s tough to explain but the mixture of guitars, electrics, effects and lyrical content all remind me of Y2K. They clearly had their influences but by the end phone tracker spy free of their career, they had invented a sound all their own and will no doubt influence bands for the coming years. At The Drive-In – Live in Sydney, 2001

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    definitely an awesome album opener off one of my favorite albums. i added a bonus live video at the end of your post like i have for a few of the song selections. ATDI was pretty electric live, and that’s how I always imagine the song being performed. balls to the fucking wall.

  2. jer Says:

    Awesome song. That live video is fucking INTENSE.

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