GE;TS (01.10): My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise
By Jason Vincion Monday, 1 Jun 2009

“Good-Evil; The Soundtrack” is a weekly feature that showcases an editor’s song pick complete with a small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the song. This week’s selection by Jason Vincion is “My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise”. My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise I’ve known about MBV since 1999, but they didn’t really click with me until about six months ago. Once they clicked, I bought every CD of theirs that wasn’t out of print (and ridiculously expensive) and listened to most (if not all) generic viagra of the 4 CDs every day for quite some time. The song I’m posting about generic viagra here, You Made Me Realise, is on one of their out of print CDs and I only happened to stumble on it through browsing MBV vids on YouTube. It’s probably their most driving song, but there’s a hitch – the section from 1:40 to 2:22 is a giant swarming noisewall. This part of the song has been dubbed the “holocaust section” by some of their more diehard fans, and has been known to last anywhere between 10 to 40 minutes at the end of their shows. After this section, the band jumps back into the song like nothing happened. Suffice it to say, when MBV rolled through Seattle late last month, I bought a ticket as soon as I could. I couldn’t wait to rock out to most of the setlist, dance it off to Soon (a great poppy tune of theirs), and get blasted with the holocaust section of this song. The band was amazingly tight live, Bilinda Butcher is a goddess in the flesh, and the 15-20 minute noisewall was about how I’d estimated it to be – like standing in front of the exhaust of a turbine. It was a pretty surreal listening experience as well, as I could discern all of the different layers of noise from each other. After each new section came in and repeated for a while, things started to blend together until Kevin Shields stepped on yet another distortion pedal. When the show was all said and buy kamagra done, I was exhausted and almost levitra cost delerious, mostly from the holocaust section. Thumbs up all around! NB: A fellow G-E writer and I will be collaborating on a cover of this song in the near future. BONUS: My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise (3 1/2 minute live excerpt of the holocaust section)

2 Responses to “GE;TS (01.10): My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    i love my bloody valentine but i’ve only heard Loveless and a few other selected tracks. but wow, this song is phenomenal.

  2. atchley Says:

    this whole EP is just phenomenal. MBV is grea.t

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