GE;TS (01.01): Tortoise – Glass Museum
By Andrew Raub Saturday, 28 Mar 2009

You may have noticed that lately we here at Good-Evil have been insurmountably lazy. “No, really?” you say? Yes, really. In fact, did you know that I haven’t posted a review in… well, I’m too lazy to look up how long it’s been. But the creative gears are always spinning, and we are coming up with new ways to bring you loyal readers content without requiring much work on our behalf. And without further ado…

Welcome to the patented new dynamic feature brought to you by the geniuses at Good-Evil. Dubbed “Good-Evil; The Soundtrack”*, this weekly feature will be used to showcase an editor’s song pick complete with a small write-up and a YouTube video or streaming version of the song.

*Title subject to change

Tortoise – Glass Museum (Music video version)

Today’s song is by a band called Tortoise. My relationship with Tortoise is somewhat odd in that back in 1999 or 2000 or so, I heard the song “TNT” and fell in love. Then someone gave me a copy of the album TNT and for whatever reason I wasn’t impressed. Well, sometime last year I got the song stuck in my head, bought the album, and have been in love ever since.

Tortoise – Glass Museum (Full version)

The song “Glass Museum” is from their second album, Millions Now Living Will Never Die. This is not my favorite Tortoise album by a long shot, but this is one of my favorite Tortoise songs. This song showcases much of what makes Tortoise so great to me. There are many instruments layered in this song, but no individual instrument is playing anything that is overly complex. There are multiple sections to the song that flow into and out of each other beautifully. The main melody creates a crescendo and a sort of wave-like feeling, moving up and down and emphasizing the odd and shifting time signature.

And as a bonus, here is an amazing half hour live set of the band:

Tortoise – Live @ Werchter

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    An excellent first entry. the full version is leagues better than the video version. very chill song but has a great kinda epic end to it. definitely an interesting time signature to it too. i should start looking for the next installment of this.

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