Music of the Week: God Is An Astronaut – Far From Refuge
By Sherv Monday, 6 Aug 2007

My girlfriend shed light on this band by suggesting them to me after I put on some Explosions In The Sky. While not as mellow nor as sweeping as the latter band I admit to have completely fallen in love with their work. Tracks which stand out are Far From Refuge, Tempus Horizon, and New Years End; in some cases the melody is extremely simple but the layer of music combines to form waves of delightful aural pleasure. Check these guys out if you’re into instrumental rock like Red Sparowes & Explosions In The Sky then I highly recommend these guys!

2 Responses to “Music of the Week: God Is An Astronaut – Far From Refuge”

  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    Sherv, whenever I am lazy and running behind, you have my back.

  2. Nick Woodside Says:

    This sounds very interesting. Hello internets!

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