Leftovers: Halloween-time Movies
By Zach Patterson Thursday, 30 Oct 2008

This month, I’ve inadvertently watched 3 horror-ish movies. So, Leftovers time it is! Alien 3: Assembly Cut alien 3 I finally took time to watch what is buy viagra online the “complete” version of Alien 3, and this is by far the superior version of the movie. Though this

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version runs pretty long, it also adds about 45 minutes of new material into the movie that fleshes out what has always been a pretty “eh” movie. I feel like this version gives the rest of the crew of the Sulaco that dies more focus, more characterization of the prisoners (who seemed one dimensional before), an interesting subplot where buy generic cialis online the alien is caught midway through the movie, and a lot of extra scenes discussing religion and the prisoners embracing it. It’s still a flawed movie that just has fundamental plot decisions that I don’t agree with (killing the previous supporting cast, the

smallness of the movie, finishing off Ripley), but this version is the best. It feels a lot more like the first Alien, and likely you will have a slightly better opinion of the movie. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives jason lives Color me unimpressed. This Friday movie just didn’t have the creative kills and gore and boobs that it should have. My favorite is IV by far, and this was one of the few I’ve never seen. It has a great intro where they reanimate Jason and he tears out a dude’s heart, but most of it goes into meh territory from there. Lots of deaths, but almost no gore and not a lot of creativity. The best part was free sample of viagra where he killed the kids in the RV, and even that part was a little tame. That and the lead character Tommy is in jail for half the movie with absolutely inept cops, which hurts the movie because the jail scenes are boring and stereotypical stuff cialis 20 mg coupon (“You have to believe me, Jason is back!” “Yeah right buddy!”). Overall, it’s watchable, and better than V, but it could have been a lot better. Mindwarp mindwarp This is a low budget b-movie from the early 90’s starring Bruce Campbell. It waivers between unwatchably bad to amazing one liners to head scratching bizarreness. The beginning is a lot like the Matrix (before the Matrix!) in that everyone is living in a dream world, and they connect to it from the base of their neck. One woman gets away from it and into a dystopian future where Bruce Campbell rescues her from some crazy mutants. Then some crazy stuff happens where they are dragged into some seedy underworld that looks like something out of Beneath the

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Planet of the Apes, and then Bruce Campbell pukes bloody leeches into the girl’s face. It was great!

5 Responses to “Leftovers: Halloween-time Movies”

  1. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    Is Jason Lives the one where Alice Copper does the theme song, “Man Behind the Mask”? Also, I think there needs to be time made for watching Leprechaun in the Hood and Leprechaun in Space.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    you’re on the mark. the entire soundtrack is pretty much alice cooper. and i should find time for leprechaun movies…at least one is ondemand.

  3. Andrew Raub Says:

    Zach, you forgot the best part of Mindwarp! The (almost) incestuous union between father and daughter!

  4. Zach Patterson Says:

    oh man, totally forgot about that. an A+ movie for sure.

  5. jer Says:

    I’ve only seen two Jason movies: the first Friday the 13th, and Jason goes to hell. It really makes me want to see the ones in between to see how the series degraded into the cheesy B horror movie realm.

    I didn’t make it too far into Mindwarp, but it sounds like it got amazing after I stopped watching.

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