Leftovers: Into The Forgotten Chibi-Robo
By Zach Patterson Tuesday, 4 Dec 2007

So I’ve been lazy and had no will to write anything in depth lately. But, wait, what’s that? I smell some leftovers from a lazy weekend…….

The Forgotten

I saw this movie over the weekend. While I don’t think it was a particularly great movie, it kinda stood out as a solid X-Files type episode stretched into full length movie. Most of the cool parts are pretty quick and very few and far between, and the more sci-fi parts of the movie aren’t really explored in any depth. It’s a little frustrating to watch because they ditch the whole “she’s crazy” thing early and the mystery turns out to be kinda baffling and feeling rushed. That being said, Julianne Moore puts in a pretty good performance. It’s alright.

“Into The Wild” Soundtrack
by Eddie Vedder

I haven’t seen this movie and probably won’t until a later date, but I bought the music because I’m a Pearl Jam fan. This album isn’t too tough to dissect. It’s pretty straight up acoustic tracks from Eddie Vedder. They are all pretty short and none of them particularly will blow you away, but it’s a pretty relaxing selection of songs to listen to. It’s also a pretty short album and it doesn’t wear out it’s welcome. If you are looking for a nice acoustic album, you could certainly do worse than this.

for Nintendo Gamecube

I just started playing this game, one of the later releases for the Gamecube, and so far, I have to say it’s a underhyped gem. It’s got great quirky humor and a distinct visual style, and add to that a nice leisurely pace to the game. You are basically a little robot in a house and you get to explore and help a family as well as deal with some of the crazy things that occur. It reminded me of Katamari a bit, in it’s anyperson appeal, and it’s a game that you can enjoy casually or for long stretches of time. The graphics could be better, and the lack of a jump button is irritating, but its a nice action/adventure game that you can find for less than 10 bucks.

2 Responses to “Leftovers: Into The Forgotten Chibi-Robo”

  1. Jonathan Dao Says:

    About The Forgotten,

    Man, I thought it had such great buildup, the trailer had me hooked instantly, but the whole thing just fizzled.

    I thought the sci-fi scheme was just too easy to fall on to explain everything…

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    yeah, my thoughts exactly man. thoroughly mediocre.

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