Leftovers: Movies That May Or May Not Star Paul Rudd
By Zach Patterson Thursday, 9 Apr 2009

I saw a few comedies recently. Here’s what I think.

Role Models


Impressive for the fact that it:

A. Makes Seann William Scott tolerable for 90% of the movie.
B. Spookily echoes my thoughts on things via Paul Rudd and his negative asshole vibe.
C. Managed to make a movie about LARPing entertaining
D. Made KISS tolerable

In all seriousness, it’s a lot better movie than I thought it would be. Rudd and Scott work well together, the kids are really funny, and “The State”/”Reno 911” alumni that cameo really enhance the secondary characters. A lot of the comedy seems loosely improvised, and it ends up being funnier than a hard script. One of the more enjoyable comedies I’ve seen recently. Also props for using the term “nuclear horse piss”.

I Love You, Man


More Paul Rudd. Good stuff:

A. Rush
B. Man-dates
C. Thomas Lennon from “Reno 911”
D. Lou Ferrigno

Overall, it’s a movie with a good heart, but it relies on a lot of awkward humor…i.e. the main character just fumbles with his words a lot or makes an ass of himself in a socially embarrassing way. I don’t really find that kind of humor hilarious, but Jason Segel is pretty cool, and it’s a movie that’s hard to hate. Any dude who values his man-friends should see it. Worth a watch.



Last stop on the comedy tour. What I liked:

A. Good acting
B. Likable characters
C. Ryan Reynolds is tolerable, Bill Hader is awesome
D. Innumerable good music references

This turned out to be far more of a drama-comedy than I thought it would be, but it still manages to be funny when it wants to be, and the serious stuff actually has some depth to it, because I think most guys have known a girl like the one that Kristen Stewart portrays. Great girl who has tons of baggage. Jesse Eisenberg also makes a pretty good main character because they don’t make him a caricature. He’s not Napolean Dynamite or an American Pie character, he’s just a normal guy who needs a job…and it just happens to be at a crummy amusement park. And the amusement park is portrayed how most people would imagine they are probably run (by weird old people who watch over a ton of disinterested kids), which is part of why it’s great. Oddly enough, this movie also had an actress from “Reno 911”. Weird, trifecta.

2 Responses to “Leftovers: Movies That May Or May Not Star Paul Rudd”

  1. jer Says:

    Role Models is phenomenal and gets even better each time you watch it. I Love You, Man was good, but some of the awkward scenes made me cringe.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    my thoughts exactly. and here i thought i might just not understand comedy anymore.

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