Leftovers: Ultimate Cuts, Terrible Remakes, and Sleepaway Revivals
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009

As Thanksgiving draws near, I feel compelled to share some Leftovers early. Here’s some impressions of some movies I have seen over the past few weeks that I didn’t really feel like extending out into full reviews; Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut, Day of the Dead (2008), and Return to Sleepaway Camp.

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut

While we valium from canadian pharmacy already covered Watchmen when it was released in theaters, I never got it on DVD, since rumor of an “ultimate edition” had been around since they released Tales of the Black Freighter. Well my copy of Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut came last week, and I watched it over the weekend. While it still has some stylistic issues that I simply didn’t agree with (as noted in the linked review above, but I didn’t expect the film to magically change), on the whole, this is a much better version of the movie. It’s the director’s cut, which adds ~25 extra minutes of footage, and in addition to that, it also weaves the animated Tales of the Black Freighter into the movie to make it a rather lengthy 3.5 hours. But, since I felt the theatrical version rushed through what was a rather long and dense 12 issue mini-series, I appreciated the longer, more drawn out pace that this version used. The plot made more effect of viagra sense to anyone not familiar with the comics, the movie actually felt like it had more of a mystery in relation to the “mask killer”, and there was some needed exposition scenes added into give a little more depth to some characters. The Black Freighter portions being added back in were a bit of a mixed bag. I liked pharmacy software vendors canada the fact that they broke up the movie and added a nice little sidestory, but at times, I felt it played less of a parallel to the story than it did in the comics. However, it was pretty entertaining and it never felt completely out of place. In general, if you hated Watchmen, this likely won’t change your opinion. But if you liked it, yet felt it needed a bit more, this is something you should look to pickup. Also included is a digital copy of the movie, and the animated comics, which make for a rather complete Watchmen experience. Very much worth getting if you haven’t gotten it yet.

Day of the Dead (2008)

During the Halloween week, I watched Day of the Dead remake on Netflix. It was truly awful. I don’t even really understand how the movie was a remake outside of a precious few elements that they awkwardly strung into the plot. There’s a Bud that turns into a zombie that’s a vague reference to Bub from the original (which is handled terribly), a few of the names are the same, and the military is involved. Beyond that, there’s almost nothing here that constitutes a remake. But whatever, I figured it would be bad, but I wanted to see how they would remake my favorite zombie movie. Well, it turns out it means shoving Mena Suvari and Nick Cannon into terrible roles as soldiers (which neither of them resemble nor act levitra use instructions like) trying to contain an airborne viral outbreak in Colorado. Ving Rhames shows up for ten minutes, reads some lines, and then collects his paycheck. The makeup looked terrible, characters were unlikeable, most of the action happened in a hospital and a radio station, and they turned it into a generic action/horror movie. Blech. On the plus side, Ving Rhames eats his own eyeball.

Return To Sleepaway Camp

If you don’t have especially high expectations, Return To Sleepaway Camp is pretty okay. It was nice to see some of the original cast so long after the first movie, as it featured the original Angela, counselor/owner Frank and Ricky. Unfortunately, the movie spent too much time focusing on the intensely irritating fat kid Alan, and the movie’s “twist” at the end was obvious from the first 10 minutes of the movie. On the plus side, there’s nice cameos by Isaac Hayes and Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore. In the end, it just ended up being kinda boring, and felt like a weird mishmash of current generation kids cast as 1980’s teens. Worth a watch at least, if you liked the others.

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