MLB 2009 Playoffs Predictions – Round 3: Flawless Victory?
By Chris Derosa Thursday, 29 Oct 2009

Our, uh…timely analysis of the World Series was delayed an evening by an unexpected get together to watch Cliff Lee completely dominate the Yankees in game 1. Regardless, here’s the lowdown on the final baseball games of the year. Get ready for SPORTS!

Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankees

What Happened in the Championship Series: Well, both of our predictions ended up being correct, with the Phillies one only being wrong on number of games. I nailed the games in the Yankees series. In retrospect, I think these LCS matchups were more lopsided than originally imagined when the teams actually played each other. The Angels weren’t patient cialis vs viagra at the plate and their pitching was suspect, while they just piled on the errors both on defense and the basepaths. They were lucky to win the games they did, because they did not look very good the entire series. The Yankees were just constantly on base, loading up the bags for a very dangerous lineup. After the Yankees got it 2-1, and then 3-1 in the series, there was an air or inevitability about them cialis 20 mg advancing. In the National League, it turned out that relying on a rotation that consisted of almost half the Phillies bottom feeding rotation from the early 2000’s wasn’t such a great idea. Who knew? In what was supposed to be the Dodgers redemption for last year, the Phillies simply outclassed them in every facet of the game. The Dodgers’ starters, aside from Padilla’s game 2 gem, were terrible and the Phils wore them down early. viagra samples Their “best bullpen in baseball” simply didn’t

do their job and was leaking runs throughout the series. And their hitters, outside of monster series from Loney, did nothing to help the cause. The Phillies then got excellent starts from Lee and Pedro, and a serviceable one from Blanton that combined with excellent bullpen work and Cholly simply using his assets better than Torre throughout the series. Torre mismanaged all series and Manuel made him look silly with the Phillies coasting to another World Series appearance. female viagra – Zach Series Prognosis: This is one of the greatest World Series match-ups we’ve had in a while, full of big names and great talent that could span 7 games easily. When you break down a position by position match up, the tally ends as even with no clear cut winner. Power output is the same, fielding is the same, starting pitching and bullpen execution this postseason also calls for a push. The only series these teams played against each other this season was way too far ago and many things have changed buy cialis since then. Both teams have home fields incapable of containing the ball, so expect lots of damage to come via the home run. And it will most likely turn into a relief pitching matchup with most of the starters bringing their best stuff. The outcome of Game 1 tonight, with a great match between Cliff Lee against CC Sabathia, might be the biggest tell on who has the upper hand against the other. Much like the NLCS, the Phillies will likely be satisfied if they can split the first two in New York, and sending Pedro Martinez out in Game 2 is a great move that is sure to add onto the lore that exists between Martinez and the entire Yankees organization. Charlie Manuel has arguably been making better managerial moves than Joe Girardi, and that could be a big difference maker down the stretch. In any case, both of these teams will be giving everything they have left in them, but only one city can walk away

as champs once again. Series/MVP Prediction: This might be the fan in me refusing to give the Yankees any credit, but I have to say Phillies in six. It just feels right. I was wrong last series when I predicted Lee would get MVP, but I think he’ll be getting it this time around for sure, especially if he can outlast Sabathia.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    i like your predictions even more now after last night. can’t wait to see pedro tonight!

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