Music of the Week: AC/DC: 1973 – 1979, The Bon Scott Years
By Charlie Goodrich Saturday, 23 Jun 2007

In the beginning, back in 1973, man didn’t know about AC/DC or their brand of rock and roll. Driven by charisma and their love for music, AC/DC set out to conquer the world. However, the driving force behind their music at this time was not the hard-hitting guitar licks of Angus and Malcolm; it was the electric voice, clever lyrics, and amazing stage presence of Bon Scott their lead singer.

Bon was not the original AC/DC front man. That honor goes to Dave Evans. Evans was replaced because he wanted AC/DC to be a glam rock band and this didn’t sit well with founders Malcolm and Angus. With Bon at the helm, AC/DC evolved in the six years that he was in the band. Their sound became crisper, the lyrics better, and their live performances became some of the best in music history. AC/DC rose towards the zenith of rock and roll with Bon Scott. They would reach stardom by 1979 with the release of Highway to Hell, but it would be only after the death of Bon that AC/DC would conquer the world.

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