Music of the Week: Alex Atchley – Alex Atchley No Densetsu
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 6 Feb 2008

Alex Atchley is a wonderful human being, who happens to make wonderful music. Alex Atchley No Densetsu is, as some have said before, hard to put into words. The style of the album varies from song to song, and there’s a fair amount of humor and Alex’s personality coming through in every song. Part of the enjoyment of this album is hearing the contrasting styles in songwriting and musicianship.

Songs like “Planet of Broken Glass” and “Whatchu Want” are epic ballads, while “Boat Show” is some sort of cracked out country song boat show advertisement. Immediately after that you get a chiptunish song in “Brian’s Most Unfortunate Birthday”, and then there’s the rambling genius of AA behind the electrometal groove of “I’m a Doctor (My Dad’s a Cop)” and the dramatic emotional finale in “The Last Stand”.

Through the entire album, Alex manages to pull the disparate styles together with his ballad-style lyrics and never taking himself too terribly seriously. It’s recommended. Contact him through his myspace to pick up a copy. It comes in a nice DVD style package and has a great interior book of artwork.

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  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    It’s about time someone wrote about this!

    /me avoids responsibility

  2. Chris Derosa Says:

    Yea I almost did this as well.

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