Music of the Week: Fu Manchu – California Crossing
By Zach Patterson Friday, 22 May 2009

This is probably the last post till Monday as I’m off to the beach, but I’ll leave you with one of my favorite summer albums. Fu Manchu’s music fits in the hybrid stoner/skater/metal/rock pretty nicely, with themes revolving around fast cars, women, and skateboarding. And California Crossing is, in my opinion, their finest album. It mixes some great skater rock tunes with some heavy guitar driven stuff, and it’s all fantastic driving music. This was their final album with Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork, and the guitarists are no slouches either, as Scott Hill and Bob Balch lay down some great riffs with a wonderful tone. This is one of my favorites, Hang On:

If you need great summer music, don’t hesitate to pick this album up. A lot of their other material is very similar and equally good, but this might be their best, and it’s in the CD player for the ride to the beach today. Enjoy your long weekend, get wasteoid.

4 Responses to “Music of the Week: Fu Manchu – California Crossing”

  1. Matt Gburek Says:

    I actually have never heard anything by this band before now, but what I heard in this post seemed pretty enjoyable. Would definitely put these tracks on a “beach mix” CD.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    I definitely recommend them, at least for this album. Most of their other stuff is very similar and they have a tendency to have “samey” type songs, but California Crossing is fantastic.

  3. bucky Says:

    Wasetoid is such a rad track! It’s been a favorite of mine for a while.

  4. Zach Patterson Says:

    yeah man, it’s great album closer.

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