Music of the Week: nullsleep – Electric Heart Strike
By Andrew Raub Saturday, 16 Jun 2007

What a beautiful day outside!

And what better way to get it started than with the new released from classic chiptune artist, nullsleep. It’s been a while since nullsleep has released anything into the chiptune scene, but given that he is an old schooler (unofficially had the first release on 8bitpeoples) it’s good to see him back on the scene.

nullsleep delivers catchy power pop dance beats in a fresh 5 song, 18 minutes EP with just enough variation to keep heads bobbing and ears interested. If you are looking for light hearted dance pop (“Her Lazer Light Eyes”), more adventurous, glitchy hard beats (“Dirty ROM Dance Mix”), 80’s inspired, anthemic, pogo dance inducing melodies (“On Target”), galloping, tempo and mood shifting blasts (“Destination Tomorrow [Gameboy Version]”), or uplifting, intertwining melodies (“Ballistic Picnic”), then look no further!

The chiptune scene has been bustling with great releases from newer artists, and it’s great to see a fantastic release from one of the older members of the scene.

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