Music of the Week: Return of Mega Twerp
By Andrew Raub Sunday, 1 Jul 2007

It’s been out for a month, but I haven’t really been able to appreciate this album until now. Return of Mega Twerp is the triumphant return of a creative chiptune net label back into the scene even stronger than before. Megatwerp has been home to some incredibly awesome releases, and it looks like it will continue to do so.

Label comps are always interesting, and Mega Twerp provides one with rich variety without being too disparate, with the exception of the two video game covers near the end of the album. Starting off the comp is a strong entry by none other than Spamtron, the original main man behind Mega Twerp. But the hits keep rolling as we are taken through a genre spanning adventure of epic proportions.

Do yourself a favor: Check this compilation out. And then proceed to download the entire Mega Twerp back catalog.

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