Music of the Week: small child david – Roids for Droids
By Zach Patterson Thursday, 6 Mar 2008

This past week, Concatenation Records released an album for a friend of mine and a personally well-respected musician, small child david. Roids for Droids is a collection of work over the past few years that explores a wide variety of types of electronic music. Many of the tracks from my self-ran Original Music Competition are on here, and I can’t stress enough how good some of these are. “Boring Housewives” is a nice high intensity dance beat to start off the album, while my personal favorite “Ivan is Here” is a somber, simple melody that tells a story in of itself. In contrast, “Push those Blocks” is a slow, mechanical song sounds like something that could have been taken from a Silent Hill game. “The Sun Also Shines On Dead Dogs” sounds like it could fit in on a mid 80’s John Carpenter movie, with a bit of a heavy electronic horror/drama movie synth-type vibe.

Then there are other tracks that are obviously tongue-in-cheek, like “Hardcore UK Raver”, which starts off with the A-Team theme, and then goes into a frenetic club beat that sounds like something that bad acid trips are made of. Similarly, the closer “Dark Ambient Excitebike” takes the most upbeat, simple melody in videogames and turns it into a ridiculous, dark, moody piece that is nearly unrecognizable. Then there is “Softer, Worse, Slower, Weaker” which pretty much explains itself.

Overall, even though this is a collection of music and I’ve had some of it for awhile, it’s got nice diversity and is definitely a fun listen, straddling the line between serious and silly. And really, you can’t argue with the price tag of “free”.

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  1. Sherv Says:

    I love this album!

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