Music of the Week: The Sounds – Dying to Say This to You
By Brian Hohman Sunday, 21 Oct 2007

The first thing you need to know about The Sounds Dying to Say This to You is that the album cover is so completely bitchin’ that it can make the album buyable without even listening to it. It is pure sex. As far as the music goes, “Ego” and “Hurt You” are tops, the best on the album. But all of them are fucking awesome retro-synth jams that will rock the socks of anyone newborn (or stillborn) to dead people in their graves. “Night After Night” is a slower song, but it is still bitchin’. I love the lead singer’s voice. She has amazing range and she switches it up with her backup male vocalist. They both croon so well! It’s definitely a party album, but there’s a nice mix. It keeps the tempo up throughout, save maybe 2 songs which are a bit more somber.

My final word is this: If you have any money in your pocket….go and steal this album! It is worth a 5-10 year prison sentence…’nuff said.

Good tracks: “Ego”, “Running out of Turbo”(mainly because the title is so fucking awesome), “Hurt You”, “Song with a Mission”, “Queen of Apology”, and “Painted by Numbers”
Bad tracks: See any album by Korn, cause this album ain’t got none.

5 Responses to “Music of the Week: The Sounds – Dying to Say This to You”

  1. Shervin Riahi Says:


  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    i’m very proud of hohman.

    this wasn’t even written while inebriated.

  3. Kevin Hagge Says:

    Great album from a great band. It is exciting to see other people enjoying the music of The Sounds. They also put on one hell of a live show.

  4. Zach Patterson Says:

    yeah i was actually surprised. i didnt remember liking them when i first heard them a couple years ago, but this album sounded pretty good when we were cruising in Hohman’s car around town.

  5. Andrew Raub Says:

    The first time I heard the Sounds, I was like “woah! a modern day Cars with a female singer!”

    Why I don’t have their albums? I don’t know.

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