Music of the Week: Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007

“A live album from 1978? Zach must be desperate.”

It would be easy to think that of course, but lately I’ve been listening to this album a lot, and it’s hard to dispute, at least in my mind, that this is one of the best live albums ever released. What you get here is Thin Lizzy at its peak. While Thin Lizzy is already one of my favorite and most underappreciated bands of the 1970’s, this album really shows off what made them so great. Amazing live renditions of their hits like “Jailbreak”, “Boys Are Back In Town”, and “Dancing in the Moonlight” are of course present, and you can tell they get the crowd into a frenzy.

But just playing some good versions of your singles live does not a good live album make. You also get a ripping version of “Emerald”, a song meant for a live audience. Then there’s the Bob Seger cover of “Rosalie” that teases fans with a mini-medley of “Cowboy Song” at the end. Then there is the lesser known rocker “Sha-La-La”, where the band shows off their skills, with some great guitar and drum solos that get the crowd really going. Even songs I wasn’t as familiar with or didn’t think were great in the album version shine here, with doses of improvisation and crowd participation prompted by singer Phil Lynott throughout. The slower songs really pace the album, while the big rock songs really bring a feeling of energy that you can feel on both the excellent recording and through the receptive crowd.

Definitely pick this up if you are a fan of Thin Lizzy, energetic live recordings, or great rock n roll music from the 70’s. It easily fits the bill for all three.

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