Music of the Week: Wizards and Warriors – Wave Traveler
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007

When writing these Music Of The Week’s, I try to keep in mind both mainstream artists and smaller artists, and basically anything that I think that My Kinda Guy (TM) will enjoy. This week, Kevin Hagge, aka Wizards and Warriors and a friend of Good-Evil, released a new EP Wave Traveler. I think what is great about this release and W&W’s music in general is that though it can easily be classified as Chiptunes, it’s not really an acquired taste like some artists. Wave Traveler is another great example of upbeat, catchy melodies with a dance floor feel to them.

Also, the EP has a very nice flow to it, where the songs segue into one another and all 4 seem to fit as almost a suite instead of just a few songs thrown together. Additionally, the drum samples used in these songs are really dynamic and help add an extra bit of energy to the EP. I heard the term “NES Rave” used for this, and I think it’s pretty appropriate. Check it out if you are interested.

3 Responses to “Music of the Week: Wizards and Warriors – Wave Traveler”

  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    This is definitely the best W&W release to date. The song Wave Traveler melts my heart and cheers me up.

  2. Mike Callahan Says:

    It is also my favorite, but I’m more partial to Cruisin’ The Cosmos than Wave Traveler. Its a little cheesier with the 4/4 on the floor backing, but the melody is very dynamic and cool despite being almost totally (or all?) major. Regardless, a very neat, flowing album from W&W that shows he’s only getting better with every release.

  3. atchley Says:

    WizWars at his best!

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