Music of the Week: Xoc – G2EP
By Andrew Raub Saturday, 7 Jul 2007

We could pretty much give Xoc his own section of our website with the amount of material he has released. Like on What’s Pink and Sucks?, Xoc dedicates his time to the tribute of a great game soundtrack. Most people probably aren’t too familiar with Gremlins 2 the game. I know I’m not. I think I played it once. But, the music is groovin’ and Xoc does a tremendous job at getting a good 80’s feel out of it. This description is about as concise as the EP itself, go download now GO GO GO!

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    I have to say that this might be one of my favorite releases by Xoc so far. It’s a great EP that uses a wide variety of instruments. Not many people will know the source material, but like Andrew said, it hardly matters because Xoc shows us why the original stuff was good to start with and why he is one of the most talented guys covering video game music out there.

  2. Jonathan Dao Says:

    Agreed. xoc always amazes me… how he releases so much catchy music this frequently…

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