Music of the Week: Xoc – What’s Pink and Sucks?
By Zach Patterson Friday, 8 Jun 2007

Xoc had released some Kirby samples back in 2006 that were very short but hinted at something great coming this way. Little did I know that this week we would be treated to a full album of the complete soundtrack to Kirby’s Adventure. This is in many ways very similar to the Super Mario World album he released in 2005, but the album improves upon that excellent album in many ways (both in conception and execution) and is just an immensely enjoyable listen all around. It features a plethora of instruments and various odd additions that main this feel very “Kirby”. It’s got a light-hearted lo-fi feel without feeling amateurish, and it’s just really fun to listen to. Everything is played live, and it’s not like an collaboration project from remix sites where it feels uneven or half the songs suck. It’s a perfect album for the summer, so be sure to get it right away.

3 Responses to “Music of the Week: Xoc – What’s Pink and Sucks?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Yes. Let’s do this every week.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I have an idea for this that may or may not work well.

  3. jer Says:

    i downloaded this after reading the G2EP review

    and i can’t stop listening to it.

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