Music of the Week: Zombi – Surface To Air
By Zach Patterson Friday, 14 Dec 2007

Ever just kinda forget that a band is awesome? I suppose I am guilty of that with Zombi, so they are my music of the week.

I became a rather big fan of theirs with the release of Surface To Air in 2006, but after a few weeks they got lost in my dozens of other albums and I didn’t really pull it out again for a proper listen until this week. What’s so great about this album, and Zombi in general, is how time displaced they sound. This album could easily be the soundtrack to a late 70’s horror movie, and no one would question it. The heavy use of classic synths and a heavy bass permeate the entire album, giving it a very unique feel that in a way feels retro but also doesn’t make it feel outdated. To classify the genre is difficult, because some of it is almost mood or setting music, but it pretty easily can be seen as a very prog/space rock album.

I think what I like best about the album is that it feels like it almost creates a story for itself just by listening to it. Each song has many layers, and if you just drift off with it on, you can picture some 70’s/80’s horror action movie in your head. I really dig albums that spur the imagination, and perhaps I’ve just seen too many George A. Romero movies, but this is definitely one of those types. I definitely recommend it if you are into heavy synth instrumental music like Goblin, which is of course the band that provided many soundtracks to great older horror movies.

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  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    Word. I really need to get some of their albums. From the 2 or 3 songs of theirs I’ve heard, I’ve really dug them. But for some reason, like you said, they just got pushed in the back of my mind.

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