NFL 2009 Playoff Predictions: Championship Series
By Good-Evil Contributor Saturday, 17 Jan 2009

Contributed by Jon Smokowicz. NFL

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NFC Conference Championship Game Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals 3:00 Sunday Well, even though I scripted this one last week, I can’t believe it. I thought this would be the best potential match-up for Philadelphia to make it to the Super Bowl. After witnessing the Cardinals do what many had deemed impossible at Carolina I have become less sure. However, I like Philly’s odds in this one. There are ways the Cardinals high-power offense can be exploited, and the Eagles’ defense is certainly better than that of either the teams Arizona has faced in the playoffs thus far. There has been a lot of talk about how ‘Zona has discovered their run game as of late, yet they still are averaging something like 3 yards/carry, which is far from extraordinary. The Eagles’ D is going to need to interrupt the Cards’ air attack and make them try to beat them on the ground. That, of course, is easier said than done when were talking about shutting down the incomparable ‘Leaping’ Larry Fitzgerald. Also, I believe Anquan Bolden is going to be back in the game against Philly after watching the whooping his teammates put on Carolina from the sidelines last week, but he will only be playing a limited role. On the flip side, Arizona proved they can do that very thing, intercepting Delhomme 4 times on the road. Now, at home with the crowds roaring in the dome (which I’m assuming will be closed despite nice weather to amplify the crowd noise) they will look to harass and pick apart McNabb the way they have the previous two opposing QBs. While McNabb has certainly demonstrated his ability to throw where can you buy viagra over the counter 4 picks in a single game this season, he has been hot lately (excluding that debacle in Washington). Ever since having been benched during the Ravens game he has turned it around and looked like he might enjoy winning. (Could this have been a brilliant coaching move from Andy Reid? That is half life of cialis still up for debate.) This match-up is one that could be broken open by many potential players on either side of the ball from both teams. There are a lot of questions about how “for real” this Arizona Cardinals team is, and I think they are going to be answered when their season is put to rest this Sunday by the Eagles. Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

AFC Conference Championship Game Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers 6:30 Sunday Another surprising survivor from last week-the Baltimore Ravens. While Arizona proved they were better than Carolina, there are still some question marks surrounding B-more’s success against Tennessee that came in the cialis kick in time form of timely superstar injuries, fortunate gimme review canadian pharmacy meds plays, suspect officiating at costly moments, and some questionable play calls from Jeff Fisher. Forgetting all that, the match-up here is the one we have. And boy, could it be a doozy? These teams have faced off twice already this season with the Steelers winning both. These wins came on an overtime field goal and a questionable touchdown. I still like the Steelers in this game for three reasons: 1. They’ve got home field advantage in an intense rivalry game. 2. Roethlisberger has experience in high pressure games, and he’s facing a rookie. Although Flacco is hardly playing like one. 3.The Ravens were not very impressive in their win last canadian pharmacy meds week. So, we may get to see the all herb viagra green box Pennsylvania Super Bowl!

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:


  2. Art Mead Says:

    I do not look forward to listening to the Eagles fans for the next two weeks if they pull one out at Arizona. I think that one of the greatest parts of that whole storyline in the desert is the fact that Kurt Warner is not only playing for a chance to get in the Super Bowl, he’s also (in many people’s minds) basically gonna control his fate with regards to the Hall of Fame. There’s a lot of talk of “two more wins, he’s in!” and I can’t root against such a great sports figure. Also, Larry Fitzgerald (who attended the fine institution of the University of Pittsburgh) is a freak of nature. This should be a good one.

    Pittsburgh Vs. Baltimore: Meh, I don’t really care. I think Pittsburgh is gonna get the win with all the injuries to the Ravens defense.

  3. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    I am the opposite of Art in that I don’t want to listen to Pittsburgh fans for the next week or so if they go to the Super Bowl. I am pulling for Philly over Arizona and (obviously) Baltimore. I think Philly has a good chance considering how they destroyed Arizona earlier this year. I think Pittsburgh will win over Baltimore despite my desire.

  4. jer Says:


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