NFL 2009 Playoff Predictions: Super Bowl
By Zach Patterson Saturday, 31 Jan 2009

Looks like I’m in charge for this one. The big game, in all its bloated, commercial driven glory, is tomorrow. Let’s break it down with that in depth insight that Good-Evil has always given you on the big sports events.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

6:00 PM EST, Sunday

Okay, I don’t really have any insight here that you probably haven’t heard before. I think Arizona comes in feeling rather confident, though after their last game, I think they should seriously question that. The Eagles, by all accounts, played a terrible game, and still nearly won until Warner woke up in the last 5 minutes and finished them off. The Steelers D is going to put a ton of pressure on both Warner and their running game, which may result in their offense being seriously nerfed. If their running game can be stopped, Arizona will be in trouble.

The Steelers, on the other hand, last week engaged in a bloody, hard fought conquest of the Baltimore Ravens. The terrorized Joe Flacco and intercepted 3 of his balls, plus no thrown TDs for the rookie quarterback. For the Super Bowl, they will be facing a seasoned veteran, who doesn’t figure to shake quite as easily as Flacco. I think the biggest problem for Pittsburgh however, will be making sure their offense gets going. Throughout the year, this team has struggled to put points on the board early in the game, many times winning games in the last quarter with some dramatic finishes. The health of Hines Ward will be a big factor, as he has been a big component of the Steelers postseason, as is the play of Santonio Holmes. Most importantly though, much of the Steelers recent success has been due to Roethlisberger not doing his best Brett Favre impression and actually protecting the football. He’s been accurate and nearly error-free this postseason, which unsurprisingly has led to 2 Steeler wins.

If he can hold onto the football and the Steelers can score a few times early, I’d look for them to take this Super Bowl. However, if the Steelers struggle early, Arizona could have a realistic chance of an upset here. All the same, I’m a Pittsburgh fan, and I have to go with my team. I think the Steelers take it.

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2 Responses to “NFL 2009 Playoff Predictions: Super Bowl”

  1. Art Mead Says:

    Arizona wins 27-23. I’m expecting the Cardinals to force at least 2 turnovers which lead to points on the board. Fitzgerald gets double covered, leading to swing/dump offs to Edge and quick routes to Breston being game breakers. The Steelers may force 1 or 2 turnovers, but as long as Arizona keeps them from becoming huge plays, they should be fine. And I really want Fitz and Warner to get a ring for the Cards, since they are pictures of everything that is right with the NFL.

  2. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    I’m saddened that the piss poor economy is affecting the Super Bowl commercials. As of a few days ago, not all the commercial slots were filled and some major sponsors have decided not to invest the money to advertise during the game. While the Super Bowl can be fun to watch, there are times when the game drags and the only other source of entertainment is the commercials. I really hope this is a great game. Everyone has been saying the Cards won’t win since their first play off game. They beat the Eagles (moment of silence please) and it’s about time I start to believe in them. Having said that, final score: Cardinals 26, Steelers 17.

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